Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday, June 28th

Its Ryans' arrival day, Woooo Hoooo!!!!!! I woke up and started cleaning house. Washing clothes etc. Trey went to Home Depot by himself as I am more of a help here cleaning and organizing then just driving with him. My calculations were pretty accurate and Tremayne decided to make the first load with the tile due to the amount that was left. I cleaned the house. Ate cereal my usual quick morning food with the granola mix. nervous and slowly growing impatient with all that has to be done. But its coming along good. Tremayne left and Brandon and I checked the remainding tile and followed close behind, 2nd trip for the wood floors and the slate stone parquet floors for the rooms including train room and my office. Hungry but too busy to eat, on way out got MCD for kids and a grilled chicken sandwich I should of known better with the size of the chicken on the "whole honey wheat roll" it was 420 calories and 10 g of fat. Unbelievable. Probably, more than I have eaten in a awhile in one sitting. Ran to Austell and back and terrifically tired and no gym again. Ugh! We ate delrio again and she got my order wrong so gave me a carne asada plate. Ate two tacos with corn tortillas and some black beans.

saturday, June 27th

We have so much to do. Woke up around 10am- so I am hungry and behind on food. Ate corn flakes with granola. Went to taco mac around 2pm and ate blue cheese burger no bun. I dont know why I like that combination the hot sauce with the tangy of blue cheese. Drank water and ate some of tremaynes vegetables. Ran around doing errands went up to Austell Home Depot Clearance Center and decided on the floor for all the rooms. Went in the Envoy so we will have to wait until tomorrow to come back and pick up the floors. Was not able to go to gym today, feel bummed out. We will have alot to do tomorrow.

Friday, June 26th

I have to go back and post about friday through sunday, eventhough it seems like I have been non stop I have not been able to go to the gym. Except Friday. Woke up feeling good

FRIDAY, June 25th- the scale read 220.4 and I am excited about 5 lbs since last week, keeps coming off with the exercise and sacrifice. No magic pill. Wore a fitted blouse that I havent worn in years and my black pants. I walked into the office and immediately got the reaction I wanted. "the weight is coming off !!!". Excited. Breakfast- sweet Fen brought me Burger King as she forgot I was on the weight loss challenge. Ate weight watchers yogurt with bare naked granola & nut mix. Ate some triscut- whole wheat. This reminds me so much of my mom becasue she always tried to lose weight even as far back as I can remember. She always bought triscut and I remember disliking them and then eating them with jelly and any other invention we could think of. LOL! I took my salad with grilled chicken and ate it on my way home. Grabbed the kids and headed off to the gym. Went to the pool, OMG the weather was phenomenal. Ate at the gym- life cafe- turkey and avocado sandwich on ciabatta bread, immediately felt overly full. ate only half the bun which I suspected had a gazillion calories...180 I think it said on google search. Drank plenty of water as I had at least 3 empty bottles to take out of my bags as I got home. We are expecting our Ryan to come tomorrow and we have a million things to do. Picked up Del Rio for tremayne and some carne asada steak tacos on corn tortillas, ate one at 8;30pm. Drank water.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

thursday, june 25th pm

I have eaten alot today... for my 2:30pm I ate a bowl of corn flakes and skim milk and sprinkled some oats and nuts and sesame seeds... bare naked mixture... before we hit the pool again....

then at 7:30pm ate my salad w\ grilled chicken. tomatoes and cucumbers . I think I really wanted to eat it because I devoured it. It tasted great and I think I may have eaten too quickly or eaten to hastily or didnt listen when I started getting full because I feel kinda extra full right now.

where is the weightloss I dont see ???

this is the statement I keep telling myself...I do notice it in the oddest place... My shoulders, literally in the fat that held my head to my shoulder. I know you are laughing but its true like the humps are that big. I know it may be weird or physcho but I think it is where I have seen it most I dont feel like a 250lbs football player. I can see some little muscle trying to peak on my arms as I do the precor machine and the love handles and back handles... can you catch my drift... in the middrift area.. okay that was lame. But honestly. I weigh myself and realize 238.7 to 222 is a big difference. I still ahve so much to go but on the right path. I find myself looking at the clock today to see when can I eat again. I guess when you have fat all over your body in bulges and bumps and thats not what people see in you everyday, as you start losing that, who is going to notice but the ones who see you unrobed... I want all these bumps and bulges gone.
breakfast tortilla 70 cal egg beaters 1/2 serving cup- 30 and cheese WW 5 grams of fat but 50 calories- 150 calories 7:30am 9:30am OMG I cant wait to eat again. Watermelon and one slice of wheat bread 70 cal 1 tsp of peanut butter low fat low chol. Yeah right! lOL! 90 calories and sugar free jelly 10 calories 170 calories. Ready for the pool at Lifetime with kids right at 10:30am... ate 11:30- Lunch :watermelon, h20, another 70 calories tortilla and 1/2 serv cup of 30 calories of egg beaters and cheese 150 calories and a sprinkle of nuts- Bare Naked - Have to slim down on my 3:30pm food just snack total so far today... 150
170 thats 490 calories wow!!! it adds up. I am not even counting the watermelon.

thursday, June 25th

I wake up tired, yes I know I am always tired and my muscles hurt. Maybe thats it.... Just unusued muscles that lay dorment for so long have awaken and reminded me that- Oh yeah! there are biceps and triceps and latis... dorsi and this and that... you get the picture. Ouch !!! By the way.. am weight was 222.4 (238.7) starting weight June 1st, challenge began for me June 4th.... I have come to some realizations this week... If you lose 15lbs and you are 60 + overweight you are still going to be 45+ lbs overweight... You are still overweight and its not going to look pretty. You expect more you, realize now you have a higher expectation of yourself. I am content with the determination part of this whole challenge and am vested in 100%. I wonder about others. I have been there! The whole blah situation, later, next time, tomorrow... one day... For me its every second, every moment, a choice, a challenge....

Its hard. Sometimes it honestly brings me to tears.... thinking how hard this is!!! Really hard. You sacrifice, you make choices of not eating those fatty foods, those foods that smell and taste so good. Its hard, its difficult, its tempting. I can look at them and decide. I am so amazed at my determination... So proud of myself and what is yet to come.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

wednesday, june 24th

and I can feel my body revamping itself I amsore from the upper arm and body exercises from 2 days ago. Can wait to get back to the gym today...I am tired.. we all know that and I know the reason not enough calories.... I am really going to vamp it up tomorrow. I packed yogurt and rice cakes and water... no time in a hurry 10 minutes late... Was hungry and ready to eat. Diana brought boiled eggs... I eagerly grabbed one and ate my yogurt. Didnt have anything else to munch on ...eggggggg;hhhhh!!! I want food. Lunch was brought in by Pickron a heavy brisket drinched in sauce and mac and cheese and green beans and strawberry shortcake dessert... OKAY !!! I ran to KFC and got my 2 protein filled grilled chicken and a water and a side salad, no time to eat...ate the chicken and continued a very busy day.... willl it ever end...?
While concluding my day at around 5:15pm ate about 3 rice cakes... came home ate a white peach yum and cut up my salad for tomorrow. Ate watermelon.

made myself a 1/4 size whole wheat tortilla and egg beaters and sprinkled some WEIGHT watchers cheese 70 calories 4 g fat... no carbs? 50 + 20 + 50= 120 calories before gym... some protein in eggs.

Went to gym stairmaster 10 minutes I am sore...106 calories and precor 45 minutes 406 calories and some abs, hip abductor, arms, back, and leg machine. 8pm to 10pm

came home at 10 updated blog and goodnight!!!

OMG almost forgot.... patients mom came in was over 300 lbs... last time i saw her last year lost 174 lbs.... inspiring real life story... 1 year -- 6months nothing but protein, fruits, and vegetables and 6 months with a trainer.

Looks awesome!!!!!!!

great real story, it can happen, she said the same thing I have been saying all along... "no magic pill, you gotta do the work"

Sweat it baby!!! I am really playing hard.. Dedicated, determined, and focused

Tuesday, June 22nd

Tuesday I got up tired again but ready for the day. Work at the office. Packed tuna and a boiled egg with 1 slice of whole grain bread slice, water, orange, kashi bar, oatmeal for the day... still need more 100 c tuna
110 slice of whole wheat bread
110 kashi bar
70 orange
1/2 cup of oatmeal (organic) not liking 65 calories
white peach at home -- 60 c
600 calories maybe...I am really running into trouble... and I have to consume more calories. I am trying to focus on protein, but havent found a happy medium yet. I have to focus on my afternoon after lunch. I worked until about 6:30pm and the no eating is more because of the chaotic day I had than anything. I have noticed that my bathroom usage is less frequent i guess less frequent food intake...when i heard drs say one time everyother day... I said what... I may go twice daily... OMG.. okay I know T.M.I.
6 meals a day- 7:30am

went and got some groceries after gym... did stairmaster for 20 minutes 190 c and 230 for 30 minutes on the elliptical precor with Christy a girl i met at the gym and taught me about the precor machine because of the incline and resistance you get more upper body and glut exercises... and we all know I need help there.

Monday, June 22, 2009


went to ortho appt with kids at 3pm ate 2 slices of whole wheat bread 150 calories with jelly 20 calories per tablespoon- low sugar and peanut butter 150 calories I am sure per teaspoon -that was low calories less fat Jiffy... 320 at least and drank some gatorade 350 calories

and came home and worked until 5:15pm then left met diana for my check went to gym AGAIN at 5:45pm got on stairmaster okay my newest conquest 20minutes 206 calories OMG what a feeling it gets your heart going. I didnt know you have different levels...Whew! then worked back and arms new machines thanks cesar and allison for cheering me on!!! I cashed my paycheck and deposited, got kids Subway-meatball marinara sandwiches and came home to work again

8pm I ate about 5oz of cornflakes and skim milk... tastes exactly like 2% no difference... 0 fat though yeah... 90 calories for a cup... so maybe 150 calories

I am going to focus on more meals and a gym routine at 5:30am-

7am breakfast -- 300 calories

9am snack - 100 calories

11am snack - 100 calories

1pm lunch 300 calories

3pm snack -100 calories

6pm Dinner- 300 calories total 1200 calories daily

I rode the PRECOR machine and it is a difference than the standard elliptical. The incline and resistance rotation really makes you feel it. 30 minutes 300 or more calories okay. I was wondering the difference, but definately its more challenging. I felt it and everything I did yesterday on the machines. Glutes, hips and abs and arms... Whew!

So I am excited but begrudgingly wondering if the announcement at the office will kick start some people into action. One coworker congratulated me and then said... I guess mozarella sticks and route 44 coke for breakfast isnt going to do it, huh?! I am amazed.

Everything I have read and focus on... is the hard work. You have to work it! you have to push yourself, you have to sweat and shed a couple of tears. I did last night on my way home... like I was pumped, but realized this is hard. Really hard. You want to eat the chocolate (reeses) for me peanut butter cups, you want the cheeseburgers and fries but you have to let it go.... You have to deny the bad stuff and accept the good stuff.

I have said from the start, I don't want to make this so intolerable that i fall back to my old habits and thats what it is. BAD OLD HABITS.... Make new ones. I totally see the difference in my resistance and determination. I am one of those who is obsessive with things and this is no different. My dear friend and coworker says she has put on 20 lbs since december and I automatic ally asked-- "why" and she gave the most honest answer-- because she didnt really care and that is true, when you really dont care... you justify eating that way...because you really dont care. Hope I can get an afternoon workout later.

Lunch, 1/2 cup of tuna from the gym with celery and tasted maybe like salt... hope not... 4 baked lays chips and one bit of a banana nut muffin, water.

this is me about a week ago,

Monday, June 22nd

woke up today energized, happy, and determined

made 1 serving 70 calories of egg beaters option... cheese, and low carb whole wheat tortilla... I feel hot like if I was exercising...

Read an excellent article about jump starting your day at the gym... TOMORROW thats me at 5am-- you burn more fat by exercising early and start your day right. I use to think that was just an exaggerated approach from many, now I know the reason. Two workout a day really boot it up. I heard from an unknown source, someone I didnt even know who congratulated me over the phone as I called into the office in regards to a patient. She said "congratulations on your 14 lbs weight loss..., they were talking about you in huddle ". That was the most encouraging news yet. Of course I cant see it or the ones closest to me. But I'm working on it! soon-- like my brother Carlos says after the 20 lbs mark.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday, June 21

woke up about 10am... or 11am made egg beaters option 70 calories and whole wheat tortilla and cheese 70 probably just as much if not more... for breakfast with some pico de gallo... I swear it goes with everything.

gatorade... lunch watermelon, gatorade, and a white peach.

watermelon, orange slices x3 and water at pool took kids around 3pm to 5:47pm. Picked up some Mcdonalds for the kids and came home. Heated up my 1/3 size bean burger from my take home food from Chilis and ate a little bit and ate 1/2 of a kashi bar. Jorge came by to get girls and I took Darious home and went to gym

Elliptical for an hour 630 calories and machines, hip, back, arms, abs -- whew! I worked it.

Finally feel energized, need to get me some finally!.... LOL! and excited scale says 224.5 at the end of the day.

Focused, determined, and energized...

saturday, june 20

Im stressing because I havent bought the ticket for my son and it keeps goin g up each day...Dah! Anyways woke up at 6;45am picked up the house a little bit and got ready to meet up for my weigh in with Stacy at 8am. weighed in at 225.7-- ?-- down from 238.7 on June 1st. 13 lbs I should really be excited. She is going to bring the weight watchers scale to accurately do my fat % --- 51% ouch so scared....

Focused, determined, excited... motivated.

Left drank water and Gatorade 50 calories
went to meet my brother Jorge on a soccer field for a scrimmage/practice. I ran around some, the sun was hot!!!

Went to Chilis--one of their health meals includes option of less than 750 calories.//// OMG...13 grams of fat I think... thats their healthy options. Got a bean burger, cut in half and ate the "meat" bean part only, ate some broccoli and drank water.

Drank more of Gatorade

My youngest brother Gustavo came by to hang out and eat.. his fiancee' is out of town and he was hungry. Made pico de gallo with avocado I dont even care the calories-- good natural and healthy. Natural white onions, long green onions, tomatoes, cilantro, n o seasoning... Yum

I made Buena Vida low calorie low carb 70 calories whole wheat tortilla yum!!! and 4 corn tortillas 220 calories meat I dont even know how to count that yet. 300 calories at least and pico de gallo.... 650..
wow! more than I have eaten at any setting in 2 weeks. I am not sure why I let my guard down maybe the excitement of entertaining my brother and I felt guilty I hadn't gone to gym today... I felt flustered and frumpy... I hate the pictures my baby brother posted on his blog... OMG I look horrible... Whew! that is scary! I wish I had not looked so bad, but better days are yet to come.
For the first time I actually am noticing some changes in my shoulders....weird I know.. but cant wait to see more results.

Ate a bowl of cereal after ... wow! what was I going through... 150 calories more...
tonights weight 226.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday, June 19th

its friday june 19th, weigh in day. I had some chaos early on in the office but manageable. I woke up and weighed on my scale at 225 I was more than excited. Encouraged, focused and determined. FOR Breakfast TYoplait light fat free strawberries and bananas yogurt 100 calories, total fat 0g carbs 19g and sugars 14g yikes. a granola kashi cherry dark chocolate TLC- bar calories 120 total fat 2 g carb 24 g and fiber 4 g sugars 8g.

Lunch 1/2 turkey sandwich on wheat at Atlanta Bread company with caesar salad that I ate about 5 spoonfuls with some croutons.
.. I know that was bad.

water... worked on the yard for a bit, scrubbed the front doorway which made me thirsty... and drank more water...

got darious from Naomis house and came home.

took a nap, feeling tired. jorge called after a soccer practice and we all met at Del Rio
met jorge at del rio... drank water
Miranda came home with us, but soon bailed out with a stomach upset. Jorge and abbys date night was cut short. LOL! kids...

went to gym late and did an hour on the elliptical again for 630 calories burned and some ab machines and waist and leg and hips.... steam room

weight in 225.. barefoot.

Came home drank about 2oz of gatorade.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

thursday pm

So i have arranged to work through my morning break to take the afternoon for my FIT POINT ASSESSMENT.. basically so some skinny miny man who has never had kids who probably still lives at home, tell me how unhealthy and fat I am. I planned it I was sticking to it, I was going to do it... so I can do this gym plan right. I want it to work I want it to be productive, etc. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN TODAY. We had something come up and while I am trying to get ready I am overly concerned with another matter, leave to the gym etc and ... just not in it ... but go to front desk, go put kids, where they have to be, then the guy, my trainer.... has already left since I was 15 minutes late.... I was so mad, discouraged, and distraught, it all came crashing down, I crumbled the paper and... as the other trainer...said "go ahead have a work out since your here", I responded .. Nah let me go check on the kids.... I went and sat in the changing room for about 5 minutes, tears running down my cheeks... I was upset, mad, discouraged. I am always there for any one else and at this moment why couldnt someone be there for me. I am generous, kind, thoughtful and someone else wasnt I went the extra mile for others. Why not for me.... as i sat pouting all by myself which I am glad that the towel folding lady just ignored me.... I heard it, people who quit, dont make it. Dont let one situation discourage you, keep it up. I got up sat in the sauna for a couple minutes then changed to my swimming attire and went got kids and set off for the pool with them. They were more than happy at pool from 2:45 to 4pm. Kids then did rock climbing which was awesome to see them having fun.
Then left because I have to be back on for 6 pm shift on phones. Stopped at BBQ place got turkey sandwich with 2 yummy garlic breads and fries for gaby and sweet tea and lemonade mix... I have been good for 2 weeks now...I couldnt eat it. Gaby ate some french fries. Went to Taco bell and order chris some food and got a taco salad---Taco BellTaco Salad w/Salsa w/o Shell(Salads/Salad Bars)
1 ea(16.5 oz)(467.8 gm)

22Fat (gms)
36Carbs (gms)
25Protein (gms)
should have known better !!!! I ate and drank maybe 2/3 of my smart water 33.8 oz bottle of water. I was so hungry.... NOT A GOOD THING. I immediately felt sick to my stomach and threw up multiple times. That did not set well with my stomach... I noticed that I felt unbearebly full and sick. or maybe it was looking up the calorie count... Anyways... had about 3 oz of orange juice and ice.

Thursday, June 17th

again I say when Is this full of energy going to happen because I just feel tired. I wonder what I am doing wrong. I'm kinda of scared as to some weird dying disease I may have because I am not feeling the burn and I know I have to push myself harder. It is so tiring to have all these guilty feelings. I cant believe I let it go this long and didnt do anything about it. I am really internally discouraged and have to push myself to remain focused and determined.
100 calories honey wheat bread
0 calories 1tsp creme cheese spread
10 calories 1 tsp jelly
65 calories small boiled egg

wednesday June 16th

So, I am wondering when the "full of energy" is going to set in because that is definately not the case. Still determined, but fretting about my assessment tomorrow and how I havent lost any more weight. Am weight 227 and evening weight was the same 227. I had a relatively short day and by days end, I was kinda of antsy to get kids and go to the gym. For breakfast I ate Harvest grain breakfast from Ihop 380 ? calories cant remember with egg substitute. Drank water. Fors lunch grabbed a Subway turkey breast sandwich and baked lays 75 calories for 10 chips hahah! and lemonade 5 calories... I wonder how many sugar grams??? I think sandwich is 260 calories? drank water. I went to walmart and bought healthier" snacks for office. I am conscentrating on the sugar content of foods as many will be low calorie and high sugar content. I ate 1/2 of a snackwell 50 calories 7 grams of sugar. Came home. I have been antsy all day and it didnt get any better. Daddy was home early and kinda got excited to go the gym as a family, but daddy was too tired and got upset that I expect soooo much from him. Layed on bed and almost wanted to go to sleep myself. I was moody, sappy and I really dont know why. I literally felt like crying. I am tired and mad for some reason. I want quicker results, eventhough I keep telling myself this is a lifelong change. This time next year I will be 50 lbs lighter. This time next year I will be where I am suppose to be. I was upset that I had to give up all these foods. Got up got kids Mcdonalds and those french fries =really smelt good. Had excellent self control. I wanted chicken breast salad sandwich from Atl Bread co, but was too tired to drive. I did elliptical for about 20 minutes then went to sauna and steam room then went to get kids for pool. Pool family times are until 8pm not good, they are not going to be happy. Left gym went to Ingles and got some healthier food... Only brown bread, still 100 calories per slice for nut or honey grain bread. sugar free jam, corn flakes, sugar free syriup for kids oatmeal pancakes. better choices, better healthy, better living. When did we become so greedy with eating with treating our bodies so bad. I came home tired and ready for bed. Drank some water and went to bed. At least I went to gym.

tuesday june 15th

I am tired and sleepy eventhough I was in bed by 9;30am. I ate 180 calorie organic oatmeal, whew, not very appetizing. I also ate a banana which was abit to ripe so breakfast was a bust... not happy. for lunch I ate 6 in sub from subway with turkey and american cheese 260 calories i believe and 3 g of fat water. For dinner I ate a slice of little caesar pizza which is 250 calories I googled it! Ouch did I feel guilty. drank water and went to gym. Got a whey protein drink which I definately for the last time realized I really don't like that taste the kids drank it. It was strawberry banana and I really don't like that taste no matter how many yummy things you combine with it. went to bed tired and okay. Kids ate gym food which was good, healthy and relatively cheap. $4.50 for a sandwich only baked lays guys, gaby didnt really like but its better than saturated fat. and a juice box apple.

Monday, June 15, 2009

my morena hermosa

after coming back from the gym for my am break, I drank a water ate one slice 40 calories with a dab - 1 tspsoon of jelly water. We picked up KFC and again I ate 2 pieces of grilled chicken and one slice of 100 c honey wheat bread.

for dinner Mcdonalds nasty southwest salad which I couldnt finish and the little bits of chips was disgusting. I used my home dressing no calorie ranch and drank some water mixed with about 3 0z of cran apple juice filled with sugar, yikes. I ate a small bowl of cheerios with skim milk, so I am feeling really full and uncomfortable right now. had about 2 hours at the pool which I mainly stayed just laying around in the sun. Fun!!! day
Monday, June 16th- I woke up abit feeling a little guilty about last night, but all in all I did well. ate 5oz of cheerios with skim milk -?100 calories at 7:55am at 9:55am ate a light yoplait 110 calories and a whole grain slice of bread 100calories and a boiled egg 65 calories 4 grams of fat-- for protein.

going to the gym and pool on my am break with kids.

Sunday afternoon, I took a nap and noted that I was anxiously hungry when I woke up-- have not drank or eaten anything at all- its after 12 noon, that is not good... House is clean though. Some sacrifice lol. Went to taco mac wanted some BEEF, Cut my Blue cheese cheeseburger in half and ate it with only the thin bottom bun. ???250 calories, drank water and passed on the onion rings big, big , big sacrifice... ate 2 small onion rings, tasted and moved on. No mayo, no mustard, no ketchup.

I was invited to go to chastain park for a concert with my Dr. boss and was unsure how much food was it all about. I was crazy for some bread and ran to Ingles to get some wheat bread. I bought 12 grain bread Earthgrain Honey wheat berry bread which is 100 calories a slice and ate 2 which I am not proud of. I spread about 1 teaspoon of Fat free Philadelphia creme cheese spread- 15 calories 2 carbs. 0% fat.

At Chastain, I ate about 10 shrimp with some sauce, not mayo or sour creme but white sauce with veggies, ate 1/2 of a taquito which I am sure was 70 calories or so, and about 4 oz of a Heineken just for ambience LOL! Drank 1/2 of a coke zero. and ate 2 club crackers with cheese. But hard my cardio workout with how much dancing, clapping, and goofing off we did. Great time. Approx. 500 calories or more. I did notice that I enjoyed the shrimp so much I was kind of obsessed with the idea of eating more. I did eat one sushi rice roll with wasabi sauce and a dash of soy sauce.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

ate IHOP with Jorge abby and the girls... Ordered water with lemon and Harvest grain breakfast, scrambled egg substitute, 2 harvest grain pancakes with nuts and blueberries and about 8 banana slices on top. Looked just like the pictures was 570 calories 3.5 grams of fat 76 carbs and a little high on the sodium at 1090. Felt determined and dedicated to my healthy choices.

New! Harvest Grain' N Nut Combo
Two Harvest Grain ’N Nut® pancakes loaded
with blueberries and topped with sliced
bananas. Served with scrambled
egg substitute

570 / 76g / 20g / 3.5g / 23g / 1090mg

now to painting and sanding the living we have to get these home projects done. cannot remember what the rest of day consisted of....
better food choices

Saturday 6-13-09

So its saturday 6-13-09 am and I am headed to the gym this morning before we get our daily errands going and kids are still asleep. My am weight is 226.4. I am sure I am still processing some of the 7oz of carne asada I ate yesterday. I decided to go to the gym later as I honestly have no gym clothes available. I can do the elliptical bike later. we are going to dwarf house and I am eating some scrambled eggs and some bacon yum.... keep posted more to come....
Friday, 6-12-09
Let me start by posting my details of Friday, as I was too exhausted last night to post anything. My am weight 226.2 I started my day in rush as I got up at 6:30am to be in the office by 7am. Did however grab my breakfast and snacks before running out the door. I ate 4 or 5 oz of cheerios and skim milk maybe 200 calories on my drive to the office at 6:45am I ate a banana around 8:30am I guess, and my 45 calories snacks of mini rice cakes and had my 90 calorie yogurt at some point. I am hungry today, but determined I feel the exercise from yesterday and seem tired and abit absentminded or unfocused hmmm????. I left work around 12:45 and after checking on my mom and my daughter realized I was free and without any commitments. I knew I wanted a piece of milanesa cut steak or soup from Del Rio. Chris didnt want to join in so I went by myself. Went the chips guy got to my table, he was a bit confused as I told him to please take the chips and red salsa, but leave the enchilada sauce. I passed on the chips and ordered water with lemon. My entree was carne asada, rice which I didnt eat, refried beans and like 6 corn tortillas. I ate half my order of carne asada which I am sure is at least 400 calories by itself some of the beans, 2 tortillas and my water. I realized that I got full quick and packed the rest of my food for later. The carned asada was just what I needed. I realized I could be getting myself in some trouble if I am eating less than 1200 calories a day. I got home and took a nap from 2:30 to 5:30pm, I got up ate some more of my carne asada, grabbed a water and headed to the gym for Spinning class again. Chris wanted to come with me to the gym. When I got there, I was skeered because a man was giving the spin! I choose to do the elliptical bike and rode for about 56. minutes 4 miles, and 569 calories. I debated with a friend this past week that spin class cant be more than 500 calories, I beg to differ now. Sorry I was wrong. Drank water and left to see my daughter who was temporarily adopted by my sis in law for the week. I fiended water as I was going home and my hubby bought more smart water I drank more thank half of a 34.0z bottle. My evening weight was 227.2

Thursday, June 11, 2009

So I decided to stay with Golds' gym for a couple of reasons, first of all because its 26.00 a month and I have it paid already, second because its walking distance from my house, third because Lifetime Fitness "resort" is truly about the pool for me...and Gold's gym is about hitting the machines and classes. I took "Group ride" which is a spinning class from 6:00pm to 7pm today and all I got to say, is WOW!!!! I will feel it tomorrow. I have the endurance, not the strength yet. But I did it, I didn't give up even if I was on the seat more than I was up, I did it. 45 minutes of resistance bike riding at slow and fast paced settings. More good stuff to come!!!
its thursday, june 11th. I woke up tired, really tired. But on my continued high of feeling better, lighter, happier, and more in control. I am hungry. I ate a light yogurt 80 calories and about 4oz of cheerios and skim milk. maybe 110 calories. Its 10:00am oh goody let me eat my 45 calories of mini rice cakes. Feel very motivated to work out today, and by that I mean hitting the threadmill. post my progress for today later alligator... Make it a great day!!!!
morning weight 226.2 this kinda of a gross detail but I must include it, since the first day I have cut out the Coca cola and bad foods I have noticed my kidneys have doing a much better job if you catch my drift... my poor kidneys I abused you for 9 years.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday, June 10th... we are fast approaching our weigh in day and I am anxious to see how well everyone is doing. Either everyone is keeping it in wraps about their accomplishments to steer off the competition or I am the only one who thinks they had an epipheny. Woke went to Buford early in preparation for the day and routers and eligibilities... Ate breakfast at 8:45am or so- oatmeal banana at 9;30am some grapes and my 7 mini rice cakes which are 45 calories around 11:30am ,Drank 20 oz of water in the a.m. Lunch at 1:10pm 4oz grilled chicken with chipotle barbecue sauce about 3oz of peas and a sliver of an avocado. H2O went and got fuel at QT and got another 24 oz Smart water for the afternoon. A man walking up to the register with a 6in chocolate covered enclair... OMG ! thats what I would ussually go for, I passed the reese cup aisle with some hesistance but made it. I also purchased a MONSTER for the sheer idea of it, but hesitated to drink it because of the sugar content...yikes. Cesar and my coworkers drank it, he brought me a small 2 oz maybe cup. It actually gave me a headache quickly. Came home and noticed I was really hungry. Ate grilled chicken and 2 corn tortillas and some water. Opened a diet green tea but have not been able to drink it. Went to visit my coworker at the hospital for her new baby with my cousin Diana. What a cutie!!!! Afterwards, she asked you want to go for margaritas... I declined and she readily understood. Went to McD for a plain mcchicken sandwich for chris. Came home and am ready for bed.

Calculate daily calorie intake.... Oatmeal 110 calories, banana maybe 80 rice cakes 45, grapes 50, breakfast and a.m. 285 total Lunch chicken 150 ? peas 80 avocado 40 270total dinner: chicken 200 and corn tortillas 130 calories 330 calories total ----- subtotal daily 285+270+330 total 885 total for the day??? I encorporated some exercise again today with a fast trot maybe a .75 mile. for 25 minutes or so?

Morning weight was 226.2 evening weight 228.2 Another day in control!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wed, June 3, 2009-I woke up and got dressed in a hurry so excited that in a couple hours I would see my sister in Houston. I just had to make it through a hectic day nonetheless. Buford was manageable and I was going to get out on time at 4:30pm. Yeah right, turns out I didnt leave until like 5:00pm because of a confusion that I did not caUSE but obviously I would have to handle and rectify. I have learned that I can't make someone else look or act as I do. I was abit bothered that eventhough I wanted to leave on time and I needed to leave on time I was the last one in the office AGAIN. Anyways, I had stopped at QT grabbed a Rooster booster lite and a banana. For lunch I ate Zaxby's Grilled chicken salad with lite dressing and NO bread, did you hear me, I turned down Zaxby's deliciously buttered toasted texas toast. yum!!! I went along with my day happy and determined.... until 5pm... But I left met my hubby and went to say good bye to gaby and pick up some graduation cards to take with me to Houston. GOT HOME at 7pm showered, packed and left to airport. At airport, flight was delayed and food options were scarce at 11:00pm... ate Moe's an overachiever - meat, lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole on a flour tortilla, drank lemonade. Opps! I did get an oatmeal cookie from Seattles best... How could I resist... "it was the best"...

Thurs, June 4th, Houston. Woke up today went to panaderia, tacqueria, tamaleria and every other wonderful "ERIA" there is here in texas. Fresh, cooked food, ready to serve. Yum! I ate a scrambled egg with potatoes on a flour tortilla wrap very small, drank 4oz of lemonade. Ate 2 meat tamales... yikes! a half of a bolillo bread...OMG... Drank 2 diet cokes today. For lunch... I really did BAD!!!!!!!! I took the girls and mom to mall- WILLOWBROOK MALL. We ate at the food court food. Split a grilled chicken and brocolli beef and rice plate with mom. Drank 1/4 of strawberry shake from Chick-fil-A. Not Good!!! the food must have had MSG eventhough the sign said it didnt because within an hour I had a massive headache. I took some Advil and water and endured. I did not eat anything else today.

Friday, June 5th, Houston: Ate some oatmeal for breakfast. Took a banana, raisins, and a peach with me. Ate them as a snack at 10:30am and 11:30am i guess. At 1pm or so I boiled an egg and ate it on 1/4 of a bollilo roll and drank water. For dinner at 6pm I had a steak at appleby's water and brocolli, divided my plate in half and brought the rest home. I am determined to get this weight off. I need to incorporate an exercise next. Spending these 2 days with my mother has made me ever the more determined. I have heated her bags up for the dialysis and tell myself... in my hands I hold the key to my health and longevity. Literally, you can decide to put that awesome donut in your mouth or pop some fresh cherries or a banana. I ate 10 fresh cherries today 5 this early afternoon and 5 about 30 minutes after dinner as my dessert. wISH me the best guys I so need to do this.

saturday, June 6th--graduation, but more than anything party day...JK! raquel... The graduation was super emotional..thinking that in less than a year I will be doing this same thing for my son and most likely traveling to Phoenix.

okay so how are you suppose to really be good with all this stuff.... I did it!!!!!!!! I woke up had BREAKFAST: oatmeal, banana, ate some raisins for my morning snack. For Lunch: picked up 2 taco de carne asada from Tacos Aranda on Hwy 6, For dinner at the partee*** ate Steak rice, guacamole pico de gallo, drank about 4oz of Cafe' Zinfadel wine, water and ate a mango. Drank about 8oz of Lite Cranberry juice. Carried my smart water large bottle around and drank that.
guacamole and pico de gallo

Sunday, June 7th traveled woke up ate my oatmeal. banana for am snack. Ate Lunch: 2 grilled wings. Yogurt before lunch. Before I left Houston: Dinner about 7 oz of carne milenasa cut (thin sliced) 2 flour tortillas and guacamole picadillo, drank water x2 smart waters.

this "joker smile" tells it all, she is funny and hilariously smart witted. How can I leave this baby?!!!

Monday, June 8th... woke up tired but ready to work, appreciative of my job, my health, my sanity, my husband, my children and life itself. I can't remember if I had breakfast, which means I don't believe I even did, not because I didnt want to, but because I was pressed for time with leaving to the airport and stressing about leaving the work...Mom was feeling bad and I was consumed with figuring out what is going on with my mom. I went to airport and picked them up took them to their house. Upon arriving my after a 45 drive, my dad realizes his car is at my aunts house on Roswell rd. Okay, woah! its all good. Mom showered and seemed to relax after she saw all her flowering plants and her cardinals are still coming to the bird house for seeds. I drank a Sprite Zero and left on another trek from Stone Mountain to Roswell Rd. I felt hurried and concerned with everything going on, but had to hurry back to my job. Recieved a reasurring email from our office Administrator thanking me for keeping her in the loop and making up my time. I went to KFC for the kids, and for a milisecond I will admit that the idea of justifying getting a burger next door at MCDONALDS was on my mind- rather I went to KFC for lunch, I discovered that KFC has grilled chicken, I ate 3 small grilled wings and about 2 oz of green beans drank water and a few sips of diet pepsi which was not palatable. For dinner, I ordered take out from Del Rio got a trio (meats- carne asada, chicken, and shrimp for tremayne. Quesadillas and black beans for the kids and I order a small (approx 5 oz) of a caldo with chicken (broth) rice, chicken breast and guacamole slivers, I'm sure the sodium content was out of this world. Drank an Lipton Diet Green tea and some water. Went to the grocery store for fruit and some chicken breast that I will grill for tomorrows lunch. The freezer meals are unappetizing to me TOTALLY! and the sodium content is counterproductive in my opinion. I packed fruit and snacks or raisins, grapes, and a nectarine and its a family thing from now on. Health and good choices. Going to go to gym to walk on threadmill. Another day. I am going to run to Target to get a scale because according to my moms scale my weight read 227.8 so I am not really sure if thats correct doesn't seem or look like 10 lbs less, but may be just water weight or a bad scale.

I look exhausted, abit dissapointed, but determined to press forward.

I finished work and went about delivering kids to their destination for tomorrow. After, I went to my local Walmart to buy a scale. I bought a fancy dancy one with hydration and fat percentage all of what I knew was going to floor me once I knew I learned how to use it. With excitement and abit of hesitation, I inserted the batteries and weighed myself.... tun, tun, nun.... it read 229... 2 lbs off from my mom's scale, but still a wopping---9 lbs from 238.7. I don't know where, but that definately motivated me to stay on the course. And of course some of that could be water weight from the day...hahah!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009-Today is the day my coworker Naomi has her baby. I also found out at 7am that "the boss lady" was coming to cover our office. It was abit chaotic this morning, but we made it through. For Breakfast I drank a Lipton Diet Green Tea and my oatmeal. For morning snack, I ate some grapes. Lunch: 2 grilled wings from KFC, drank water. Afternoon snack I had my nectarine and some grapes. Dinner: half of a taco Bell- grilled steak taco, 3 oz of Cheerios and 3oz of 1% milk and some watermelon. I have not had my fill of H20 today, so I need to jump on that. I weighed myself at the office and the scale 228 lbs, so I am really coming to believe that I have lost roughly 10 lbs. At this rate which I know It will slow down, I really can make a difference in a couple weeks. So excited !!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So, I figured that a way to keep track and monitor my progress would be through a blog which will force me to post my feelings, my determinations, and my hopes in winning this contest, not so much for the sake of the enchanting pot, but also for health reasons. Those who know me, know the painstakingly emotions that follow me when I get that dreaded call from my mom or dad which tell me to go to hospital because mom is not doing that great on her dialysis. If that is not the most motivating factor for me to start and complete this task I would not know what is. Also of course the obvious which is my kids. I want to be a more active and healthier mom.

All the odds were against me on Friday when I drove to Atlanta and everyone was gone, i was seeking a sense of motivation and commradity from the other "biggest losers" and noone was there, alas I made plans to meet up with Stacy on Sunday. Friday afternoon was pretty much a regular Friday, running around, drove to Dunwoody then to Loganville to get girls, then back to Dacula and picked up Chris and Gaby and went to Rhodes Jordan pool. I hadn't eaten anything all day and it was almost 3pm...We grabbed some lunch, fast food unfortunately, but I still wasnt worrying about the challenge as I had not weighed in... what a horrible way to begin, huh?! By the time I got home, Tremayne was home also. I left the kids and I ran a couple errands to Archivers to get some product for another project some centerpieces for Alejandra babygirls party on Saturday. I also went to Michaels' and got dowels as I had to create stems for my flower based project.

Saturday, May 31st -we got up around 9:30am and were ready to start with some heavy duty yardwork of grading the backyard....ouch what 10 years can do to an unattended lower back yard. Whew!!!

Tremayne was amazing on that bobcat, which scared the heck out of me. I finally got some zzzz in a good long nap. When I woke up my brother in law Brandon had finished working and drove by and we all went to Taco Mac for some I still in denial?... Well, I had a Corona... LIGHT does that count...we split a Hickory blue cheese burger and some wings and onion rings, okay --so onion rings are like my new favorite thing in the world...OMG can I do this? I only ate the 3rd of the burger and onion rings and the corona. this was our only meal of the day- Really

We deserve it.

Sunday, June 1st-I got up and got dressed as if I was going to work out...little would I know later---what a workout meant... Whew!!!! my plans for today was to meet Stacy at Sugarloaf to weigh in. OMG but I am so hungry, we ran to Wally world to get a new chain saw chain as Tremayne had worn the other one out on Saturday. Once again my brother in law Brandon came over, we went to Del Rio to eat lunch and I ate a caldo de pollo soup, okay I admit it with chips and salsa... and drank and ice tea... I still havent weighed in.... people.

Okay, so here comes the scarry scarry part. I got to meet Stacy.. on sugarloaf. She says meet me at the gym. I was thinking it was the one cesar goes to... nope it is LIFETime.... OMG is all i got to say, i was quite confused, overwhelmed, and amazed at this facility. Diana Byrdsong has been raving about this place for weeks. Now I know what she meant. Its a beauty. I want to take the tour and sign up with Tremayne. We both have Golds gym and pay 26 monthly a total of 52 for no apparent reason, it remaines unused since the days my sister lived in georgia and we would be called the midnight mamas, because we would hit the gym around 11 when the house was clean and the kids were in bed.... she has moved back to Houston as of 2 years ago.

So I weighed in ...... an unbelievable 238.7

I cannot believe I weigh that much... I have to get this undercontrol. tHE number astounds me because I cannot fathom that I weighed 172 at 9 months pregnant with Gaby. I have delayed and neglected my health and body for 9 years.

When I get back and pick up my jaw from walking around Lifetime Fitness, I notice my husband sweating and fumbling with the chain saw, as he had just accidently mixed the gas and oil in the resceptacles, of course he must completely clean and correct this before continuing. I ask him if he needed him and that face said it all. I changed to a long white tee, jeans and came out to help him. "He has the best poker face, he said okay so I need you to clear this part up, get on the bobcat and back up and ....." He really meant it. I got it and for a milisecond...but then I can do this, he told me where everything was left and right foot control, upper and lower bucket trottles...and we are off..... HONEY YOU CREATED A MONSTER !!!! I havent had so much fun and felt so powerful... LOL!!!! the chainsaw was cool, but never a comparison to the bobcat.

We worked from 4pm to 8pm without stopping, thank goodness we have our ever faithful son Chris to fetch us water, OFF, and a clean sweat wiping towel as needed. Yeah! we pretty much layed the flat land out.... wasteland. OMG I cant believe how much we cleared out. With 4 hours of that, I so deserved some fattening food... how about FIVE GUYS. I ate a kids burger... is there such a thing at 5Guys yeah right the burgers are massive... anyways water and no fries that was enough. Believe it or not I am mentally preparing myself for this...

Monday, I am working from home like my usual monday, but the only difference is that I cant really work.... Tremayne cut the phone wire as he pulled up the bobcat up the hill yesterday pm. I ran to work from Buford. drank some Diet Mountain Dew, left office came home to get my friends girls which I am watching after 10:30am, so I ran got them, woke my kids up and we went to pool. I ate the left over which we didnt eat at DelRio from yesterday as Tremayne ate my plate of carne asada torta because I had eaten the soup and was full. So today I ate the chicken burrito in a flour tortilla, ate some rice and drank water. We were at the pool from 11:30 to 1pm, Came home then AT&T was very efficient as they came out as promised by 1pm to fix the line. No charge. worked from 2pm to 3:45pm and then took kids back to McDonalds and Sonics. I did had a frozen lemonade slush which I am sure far exceeded a weeks worth of sugar intake.

Tuesday, June 2nd 2009- I wake up tired and sore for all the weekend activities and