Sunday, June 21, 2009

saturday, june 20

Im stressing because I havent bought the ticket for my son and it keeps goin g up each day...Dah! Anyways woke up at 6;45am picked up the house a little bit and got ready to meet up for my weigh in with Stacy at 8am. weighed in at 225.7-- ?-- down from 238.7 on June 1st. 13 lbs I should really be excited. She is going to bring the weight watchers scale to accurately do my fat % --- 51% ouch so scared....

Focused, determined, excited... motivated.

Left drank water and Gatorade 50 calories
went to meet my brother Jorge on a soccer field for a scrimmage/practice. I ran around some, the sun was hot!!!

Went to Chilis--one of their health meals includes option of less than 750 calories.//// OMG...13 grams of fat I think... thats their healthy options. Got a bean burger, cut in half and ate the "meat" bean part only, ate some broccoli and drank water.

Drank more of Gatorade

My youngest brother Gustavo came by to hang out and eat.. his fiancee' is out of town and he was hungry. Made pico de gallo with avocado I dont even care the calories-- good natural and healthy. Natural white onions, long green onions, tomatoes, cilantro, n o seasoning... Yum

I made Buena Vida low calorie low carb 70 calories whole wheat tortilla yum!!! and 4 corn tortillas 220 calories meat I dont even know how to count that yet. 300 calories at least and pico de gallo.... 650..
wow! more than I have eaten at any setting in 2 weeks. I am not sure why I let my guard down maybe the excitement of entertaining my brother and I felt guilty I hadn't gone to gym today... I felt flustered and frumpy... I hate the pictures my baby brother posted on his blog... OMG I look horrible... Whew! that is scary! I wish I had not looked so bad, but better days are yet to come.
For the first time I actually am noticing some changes in my shoulders....weird I know.. but cant wait to see more results.

Ate a bowl of cereal after ... wow! what was I going through... 150 calories more...
tonights weight 226.

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