Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So, I figured that a way to keep track and monitor my progress would be through a blog which will force me to post my feelings, my determinations, and my hopes in winning this contest, not so much for the sake of the enchanting pot, but also for health reasons. Those who know me, know the painstakingly emotions that follow me when I get that dreaded call from my mom or dad which tell me to go to hospital because mom is not doing that great on her dialysis. If that is not the most motivating factor for me to start and complete this task I would not know what is. Also of course the obvious which is my kids. I want to be a more active and healthier mom.

All the odds were against me on Friday when I drove to Atlanta and everyone was gone, i was seeking a sense of motivation and commradity from the other "biggest losers" and noone was there, alas I made plans to meet up with Stacy on Sunday. Friday afternoon was pretty much a regular Friday, running around, drove to Dunwoody then to Loganville to get girls, then back to Dacula and picked up Chris and Gaby and went to Rhodes Jordan pool. I hadn't eaten anything all day and it was almost 3pm...We grabbed some lunch, fast food unfortunately, but I still wasnt worrying about the challenge as I had not weighed in... what a horrible way to begin, huh?! By the time I got home, Tremayne was home also. I left the kids and I ran a couple errands to Archivers to get some product for another project some centerpieces for Alejandra babygirls party on Saturday. I also went to Michaels' and got dowels as I had to create stems for my flower based project.

Saturday, May 31st -we got up around 9:30am and were ready to start with some heavy duty yardwork of grading the backyard....ouch what 10 years can do to an unattended lower back yard. Whew!!!

Tremayne was amazing on that bobcat, which scared the heck out of me. I finally got some zzzz in a good long nap. When I woke up my brother in law Brandon had finished working and drove by and we all went to Taco Mac for some grub....am I still in denial?... Well, I had a Corona... LIGHT does that count...we split a Hickory blue cheese burger and some wings and onion rings, okay --so onion rings are like my new favorite thing in the world...OMG can I do this? I only ate the 3rd of the burger and onion rings and the corona. this was our only meal of the day- Really

We deserve it.

Sunday, June 1st-I got up and got dressed as if I was going to work out...little would I know later---what a workout meant... Whew!!!! my plans for today was to meet Stacy at Sugarloaf to weigh in. OMG but I am so hungry, we ran to Wally world to get a new chain saw chain as Tremayne had worn the other one out on Saturday. Once again my brother in law Brandon came over, we went to Del Rio to eat lunch and I ate a caldo de pollo soup, okay I admit it with chips and salsa... and drank and ice tea... I still havent weighed in.... people.

Okay, so here comes the scarry scarry part. I got to meet Stacy.. on sugarloaf. She says meet me at the gym. I was thinking it was the one cesar goes to... nope it is LIFETime.... OMG is all i got to say, i was quite confused, overwhelmed, and amazed at this facility. Diana Byrdsong has been raving about this place for weeks. Now I know what she meant. Its a beauty. I want to take the tour and sign up with Tremayne. We both have Golds gym and pay 26 monthly a total of 52 for no apparent reason, it remaines unused since the days my sister lived in georgia and we would be called the midnight mamas, because we would hit the gym around 11 when the house was clean and the kids were in bed.... she has moved back to Houston as of 2 years ago.

So I weighed in ...... an unbelievable 238.7

I cannot believe I weigh that much... I have to get this undercontrol. tHE number astounds me because I cannot fathom that I weighed 172 at 9 months pregnant with Gaby. I have delayed and neglected my health and body for 9 years.

When I get back and pick up my jaw from walking around Lifetime Fitness, I notice my husband sweating and fumbling with the chain saw, as he had just accidently mixed the gas and oil in the resceptacles, of course he must completely clean and correct this before continuing. I ask him if he needed him and that face said it all. I changed to a long white tee, jeans and came out to help him. "He has the best poker face, he said okay so I need you to clear this part up, get on the bobcat and back up and ....." He really meant it. I got it and for a milisecond...but then I can do this, he told me where everything was left and right foot control, upper and lower bucket trottles...and we are off..... HONEY YOU CREATED A MONSTER !!!! I havent had so much fun and felt so powerful... LOL!!!! the chainsaw was cool, but never a comparison to the bobcat.

We worked from 4pm to 8pm without stopping, thank goodness we have our ever faithful son Chris to fetch us water, OFF, and a clean sweat wiping towel as needed. Yeah! we pretty much layed the flat land out.... wasteland. OMG I cant believe how much we cleared out. With 4 hours of that, I so deserved some fattening food... how about FIVE GUYS. I ate a kids burger... is there such a thing at 5Guys yeah right the burgers are massive... anyways water and no fries that was enough. Believe it or not I am mentally preparing myself for this...

Monday, I am working from home like my usual monday, but the only difference is that I cant really work.... Tremayne cut the phone wire as he pulled up the bobcat up the hill yesterday pm. I ran to work from Buford. drank some Diet Mountain Dew, left office came home to get my friends girls which I am watching after 10:30am, so I ran got them, woke my kids up and we went to pool. I ate the left over which we didnt eat at DelRio from yesterday as Tremayne ate my plate of carne asada torta because I had eaten the soup and was full. So today I ate the chicken burrito in a flour tortilla, ate some rice and drank water. We were at the pool from 11:30 to 1pm, Came home then AT&T was very efficient as they came out as promised by 1pm to fix the line. No charge. worked from 2pm to 3:45pm and then took kids back to McDonalds and Sonics. I did had a frozen lemonade slush which I am sure far exceeded a weeks worth of sugar intake.

Tuesday, June 2nd 2009- I wake up tired and sore for all the weekend activities and

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