Monday, June 22, 2009


went to ortho appt with kids at 3pm ate 2 slices of whole wheat bread 150 calories with jelly 20 calories per tablespoon- low sugar and peanut butter 150 calories I am sure per teaspoon -that was low calories less fat Jiffy... 320 at least and drank some gatorade 350 calories

and came home and worked until 5:15pm then left met diana for my check went to gym AGAIN at 5:45pm got on stairmaster okay my newest conquest 20minutes 206 calories OMG what a feeling it gets your heart going. I didnt know you have different levels...Whew! then worked back and arms new machines thanks cesar and allison for cheering me on!!! I cashed my paycheck and deposited, got kids Subway-meatball marinara sandwiches and came home to work again

8pm I ate about 5oz of cornflakes and skim milk... tastes exactly like 2% no difference... 0 fat though yeah... 90 calories for a cup... so maybe 150 calories

I am going to focus on more meals and a gym routine at 5:30am-

7am breakfast -- 300 calories

9am snack - 100 calories

11am snack - 100 calories

1pm lunch 300 calories

3pm snack -100 calories

6pm Dinner- 300 calories total 1200 calories daily

I rode the PRECOR machine and it is a difference than the standard elliptical. The incline and resistance rotation really makes you feel it. 30 minutes 300 or more calories okay. I was wondering the difference, but definately its more challenging. I felt it and everything I did yesterday on the machines. Glutes, hips and abs and arms... Whew!

So I am excited but begrudgingly wondering if the announcement at the office will kick start some people into action. One coworker congratulated me and then said... I guess mozarella sticks and route 44 coke for breakfast isnt going to do it, huh?! I am amazed.

Everything I have read and focus on... is the hard work. You have to work it! you have to push yourself, you have to sweat and shed a couple of tears. I did last night on my way home... like I was pumped, but realized this is hard. Really hard. You want to eat the chocolate (reeses) for me peanut butter cups, you want the cheeseburgers and fries but you have to let it go.... You have to deny the bad stuff and accept the good stuff.

I have said from the start, I don't want to make this so intolerable that i fall back to my old habits and thats what it is. BAD OLD HABITS.... Make new ones. I totally see the difference in my resistance and determination. I am one of those who is obsessive with things and this is no different. My dear friend and coworker says she has put on 20 lbs since december and I automatic ally asked-- "why" and she gave the most honest answer-- because she didnt really care and that is true, when you really dont care... you justify eating that way...because you really dont care. Hope I can get an afternoon workout later.

Lunch, 1/2 cup of tuna from the gym with celery and tasted maybe like salt... hope not... 4 baked lays chips and one bit of a banana nut muffin, water.

this is me about a week ago,

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