Thursday, June 18, 2009

thursday pm

So i have arranged to work through my morning break to take the afternoon for my FIT POINT ASSESSMENT.. basically so some skinny miny man who has never had kids who probably still lives at home, tell me how unhealthy and fat I am. I planned it I was sticking to it, I was going to do it... so I can do this gym plan right. I want it to work I want it to be productive, etc. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN TODAY. We had something come up and while I am trying to get ready I am overly concerned with another matter, leave to the gym etc and ... just not in it ... but go to front desk, go put kids, where they have to be, then the guy, my trainer.... has already left since I was 15 minutes late.... I was so mad, discouraged, and distraught, it all came crashing down, I crumbled the paper and... as the other trainer...said "go ahead have a work out since your here", I responded .. Nah let me go check on the kids.... I went and sat in the changing room for about 5 minutes, tears running down my cheeks... I was upset, mad, discouraged. I am always there for any one else and at this moment why couldnt someone be there for me. I am generous, kind, thoughtful and someone else wasnt I went the extra mile for others. Why not for me.... as i sat pouting all by myself which I am glad that the towel folding lady just ignored me.... I heard it, people who quit, dont make it. Dont let one situation discourage you, keep it up. I got up sat in the sauna for a couple minutes then changed to my swimming attire and went got kids and set off for the pool with them. They were more than happy at pool from 2:45 to 4pm. Kids then did rock climbing which was awesome to see them having fun.
Then left because I have to be back on for 6 pm shift on phones. Stopped at BBQ place got turkey sandwich with 2 yummy garlic breads and fries for gaby and sweet tea and lemonade mix... I have been good for 2 weeks now...I couldnt eat it. Gaby ate some french fries. Went to Taco bell and order chris some food and got a taco salad---Taco BellTaco Salad w/Salsa w/o Shell(Salads/Salad Bars)
1 ea(16.5 oz)(467.8 gm)

22Fat (gms)
36Carbs (gms)
25Protein (gms)
should have known better !!!! I ate and drank maybe 2/3 of my smart water 33.8 oz bottle of water. I was so hungry.... NOT A GOOD THING. I immediately felt sick to my stomach and threw up multiple times. That did not set well with my stomach... I noticed that I felt unbearebly full and sick. or maybe it was looking up the calorie count... Anyways... had about 3 oz of orange juice and ice.

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