Monday, June 29, 2009

Friday, June 26th

I have to go back and post about friday through sunday, eventhough it seems like I have been non stop I have not been able to go to the gym. Except Friday. Woke up feeling good

FRIDAY, June 25th- the scale read 220.4 and I am excited about 5 lbs since last week, keeps coming off with the exercise and sacrifice. No magic pill. Wore a fitted blouse that I havent worn in years and my black pants. I walked into the office and immediately got the reaction I wanted. "the weight is coming off !!!". Excited. Breakfast- sweet Fen brought me Burger King as she forgot I was on the weight loss challenge. Ate weight watchers yogurt with bare naked granola & nut mix. Ate some triscut- whole wheat. This reminds me so much of my mom becasue she always tried to lose weight even as far back as I can remember. She always bought triscut and I remember disliking them and then eating them with jelly and any other invention we could think of. LOL! I took my salad with grilled chicken and ate it on my way home. Grabbed the kids and headed off to the gym. Went to the pool, OMG the weather was phenomenal. Ate at the gym- life cafe- turkey and avocado sandwich on ciabatta bread, immediately felt overly full. ate only half the bun which I suspected had a gazillion calories...180 I think it said on google search. Drank plenty of water as I had at least 3 empty bottles to take out of my bags as I got home. We are expecting our Ryan to come tomorrow and we have a million things to do. Picked up Del Rio for tremayne and some carne asada steak tacos on corn tortillas, ate one at 8;30pm. Drank water.

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