Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday, June 10th... we are fast approaching our weigh in day and I am anxious to see how well everyone is doing. Either everyone is keeping it in wraps about their accomplishments to steer off the competition or I am the only one who thinks they had an epipheny. Woke went to Buford early in preparation for the day and routers and eligibilities... Ate breakfast at 8:45am or so- oatmeal banana at 9;30am some grapes and my 7 mini rice cakes which are 45 calories around 11:30am ,Drank 20 oz of water in the a.m. Lunch at 1:10pm 4oz grilled chicken with chipotle barbecue sauce about 3oz of peas and a sliver of an avocado. H2O went and got fuel at QT and got another 24 oz Smart water for the afternoon. A man walking up to the register with a 6in chocolate covered enclair... OMG ! thats what I would ussually go for, I passed the reese cup aisle with some hesistance but made it. I also purchased a MONSTER for the sheer idea of it, but hesitated to drink it because of the sugar content...yikes. Cesar and my coworkers drank it, he brought me a small 2 oz maybe cup. It actually gave me a headache quickly. Came home and noticed I was really hungry. Ate grilled chicken and 2 corn tortillas and some water. Opened a diet green tea but have not been able to drink it. Went to visit my coworker at the hospital for her new baby with my cousin Diana. What a cutie!!!! Afterwards, she asked you want to go for margaritas... I declined and she readily understood. Went to McD for a plain mcchicken sandwich for chris. Came home and am ready for bed.

Calculate daily calorie intake.... Oatmeal 110 calories, banana maybe 80 rice cakes 45, grapes 50, breakfast and a.m. 285 total Lunch chicken 150 ? peas 80 avocado 40 270total dinner: chicken 200 and corn tortillas 130 calories 330 calories total ----- subtotal daily 285+270+330 total 885 total for the day??? I encorporated some exercise again today with a fast trot maybe a .75 mile. for 25 minutes or so?

Morning weight was 226.2 evening weight 228.2 Another day in control!!!!

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