Sunday, June 5, 2011

i just realized my kids have no idea what gelatin is....

I grew up on jello, jello with fruit, jello with whipped cream, jello with pudding, jello with raisins, jello with anything.  Back to my roots.  My mom made jello for us all throughout our childhood.  Great memories.  Today its the culmination or celebration to another weekend in and when I say IN.  I mean in, inside the house.  We have been joking with Tremayne that we have never known restraint as now.  We, if you havent heard already- we are doing a major PAY IT OFF campaign and have been completely limited to any extra curricular activities including eating out, movies, shopping, malling, and such.  I repeat we have never known such restraint.  The payoff. Well, we finally decided that next year we want to go to Japan.  After saying Colombia, S.A. was going to be our vacation next year, now it has been moved to another continent entirely.  Chris and Tremayne were discussing it and I will totally go along with it because South Eastern  Asia absolutely fascinates me. 

So due to many present circumstances, we have 3 immediate goals.  First and most importantly, GET OUT OF DEBT, second lose weight and third get a degree. 

all attainable, all difficult, all so worth it.  You may not understand why this started as a jello related post, but to me--I see it so clearly.  Jello is cheap, its use flexible and instantly fullfilling.  Today the jello post is quite fitting.  We have come a LONG way and still so much is left to conquer and change.  But for today, I will revel in the fact that we will enjoy our jello (in our margarita glasses) and celebrate our present acccomplishments and dream of our future endeavors.  Japan, huh?! that one suprised me Tremayne even for you.