Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday, June 19th

its friday june 19th, weigh in day. I had some chaos early on in the office but manageable. I woke up and weighed on my scale at 225 I was more than excited. Encouraged, focused and determined. FOR Breakfast TYoplait light fat free strawberries and bananas yogurt 100 calories, total fat 0g carbs 19g and sugars 14g yikes. a granola kashi cherry dark chocolate TLC- bar calories 120 total fat 2 g carb 24 g and fiber 4 g sugars 8g.

Lunch 1/2 turkey sandwich on wheat at Atlanta Bread company with caesar salad that I ate about 5 spoonfuls with some croutons.
.. I know that was bad.

water... worked on the yard for a bit, scrubbed the front doorway which made me thirsty... and drank more water...

got darious from Naomis house and came home.

took a nap, feeling tired. jorge called after a soccer practice and we all met at Del Rio
met jorge at del rio... drank water
Miranda came home with us, but soon bailed out with a stomach upset. Jorge and abbys date night was cut short. LOL! kids...

went to gym late and did an hour on the elliptical again for 630 calories burned and some ab machines and waist and leg and hips.... steam room

weight in 225.. barefoot.

Came home drank about 2oz of gatorade.

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