Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wed, June 3, 2009-I woke up and got dressed in a hurry so excited that in a couple hours I would see my sister in Houston. I just had to make it through a hectic day nonetheless. Buford was manageable and I was going to get out on time at 4:30pm. Yeah right, turns out I didnt leave until like 5:00pm because of a confusion that I did not caUSE but obviously I would have to handle and rectify. I have learned that I can't make someone else look or act as I do. I was abit bothered that eventhough I wanted to leave on time and I needed to leave on time I was the last one in the office AGAIN. Anyways, I had stopped at QT grabbed a Rooster booster lite and a banana. For lunch I ate Zaxby's Grilled chicken salad with lite dressing and NO bread, did you hear me, I turned down Zaxby's deliciously buttered toasted texas toast. yum!!! I went along with my day happy and determined.... until 5pm... But I left met my hubby and went to say good bye to gaby and pick up some graduation cards to take with me to Houston. GOT HOME at 7pm showered, packed and left to airport. At airport, flight was delayed and food options were scarce at 11:00pm... ate Moe's an overachiever - meat, lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole on a flour tortilla, drank lemonade. Opps! I did get an oatmeal cookie from Seattles best... How could I resist... "it was the best"...

Thurs, June 4th, Houston. Woke up today went to panaderia, tacqueria, tamaleria and every other wonderful "ERIA" there is here in texas. Fresh, cooked food, ready to serve. Yum! I ate a scrambled egg with potatoes on a flour tortilla wrap very small, drank 4oz of lemonade. Ate 2 meat tamales... yikes! a half of a bolillo bread...OMG... Drank 2 diet cokes today. For lunch... I really did BAD!!!!!!!! I took the girls and mom to mall- WILLOWBROOK MALL. We ate at the food court food. Split a grilled chicken and brocolli beef and rice plate with mom. Drank 1/4 of strawberry shake from Chick-fil-A. Not Good!!! the food must have had MSG eventhough the sign said it didnt because within an hour I had a massive headache. I took some Advil and water and endured. I did not eat anything else today.

Friday, June 5th, Houston: Ate some oatmeal for breakfast. Took a banana, raisins, and a peach with me. Ate them as a snack at 10:30am and 11:30am i guess. At 1pm or so I boiled an egg and ate it on 1/4 of a bollilo roll and drank water. For dinner at 6pm I had a steak at appleby's water and brocolli, divided my plate in half and brought the rest home. I am determined to get this weight off. I need to incorporate an exercise next. Spending these 2 days with my mother has made me ever the more determined. I have heated her bags up for the dialysis and tell myself... in my hands I hold the key to my health and longevity. Literally, you can decide to put that awesome donut in your mouth or pop some fresh cherries or a banana. I ate 10 fresh cherries today 5 this early afternoon and 5 about 30 minutes after dinner as my dessert. wISH me the best guys I so need to do this.

saturday, June 6th--graduation, but more than anything party day...JK! raquel... The graduation was super emotional..thinking that in less than a year I will be doing this same thing for my son and most likely traveling to Phoenix.

okay so how are you suppose to really be good with all this stuff.... I did it!!!!!!!! I woke up had BREAKFAST: oatmeal, banana, ate some raisins for my morning snack. For Lunch: picked up 2 taco de carne asada from Tacos Aranda on Hwy 6, For dinner at the partee*** ate Steak rice, guacamole pico de gallo, drank about 4oz of Cafe' Zinfadel wine, water and ate a mango. Drank about 8oz of Lite Cranberry juice. Carried my smart water large bottle around and drank that.
guacamole and pico de gallo

Sunday, June 7th traveled woke up ate my oatmeal. banana for am snack. Ate Lunch: 2 grilled wings. Yogurt before lunch. Before I left Houston: Dinner about 7 oz of carne milenasa cut (thin sliced) 2 flour tortillas and guacamole picadillo, drank water x2 smart waters.

this "joker smile" tells it all, she is funny and hilariously smart witted. How can I leave this baby?!!!

Monday, June 8th... woke up tired but ready to work, appreciative of my job, my health, my sanity, my husband, my children and life itself. I can't remember if I had breakfast, which means I don't believe I even did, not because I didnt want to, but because I was pressed for time with leaving to the airport and stressing about leaving the work...Mom was feeling bad and I was consumed with figuring out what is going on with my mom. I went to airport and picked them up took them to their house. Upon arriving my after a 45 drive, my dad realizes his car is at my aunts house on Roswell rd. Okay, woah! its all good. Mom showered and seemed to relax after she saw all her flowering plants and her cardinals are still coming to the bird house for seeds. I drank a Sprite Zero and left on another trek from Stone Mountain to Roswell Rd. I felt hurried and concerned with everything going on, but had to hurry back to my job. Recieved a reasurring email from our office Administrator thanking me for keeping her in the loop and making up my time. I went to KFC for the kids, and for a milisecond I will admit that the idea of justifying getting a burger next door at MCDONALDS was on my mind- rather I went to KFC for lunch, I discovered that KFC has grilled chicken, I ate 3 small grilled wings and about 2 oz of green beans drank water and a few sips of diet pepsi which was not palatable. For dinner, I ordered take out from Del Rio got a trio (meats- carne asada, chicken, and shrimp for tremayne. Quesadillas and black beans for the kids and I order a small (approx 5 oz) of a caldo with chicken (broth) rice, chicken breast and guacamole slivers, I'm sure the sodium content was out of this world. Drank an Lipton Diet Green tea and some water. Went to the grocery store for fruit and some chicken breast that I will grill for tomorrows lunch. The freezer meals are unappetizing to me TOTALLY! and the sodium content is counterproductive in my opinion. I packed fruit and snacks or raisins, grapes, and a nectarine and its a family thing from now on. Health and good choices. Going to go to gym to walk on threadmill. Another day. I am going to run to Target to get a scale because according to my moms scale my weight read 227.8 so I am not really sure if thats correct doesn't seem or look like 10 lbs less, but may be just water weight or a bad scale.

I look exhausted, abit dissapointed, but determined to press forward.

I finished work and went about delivering kids to their destination for tomorrow. After, I went to my local Walmart to buy a scale. I bought a fancy dancy one with hydration and fat percentage all of what I knew was going to floor me once I knew I learned how to use it. With excitement and abit of hesitation, I inserted the batteries and weighed myself.... tun, tun, nun.... it read 229... 2 lbs off from my mom's scale, but still a wopping---9 lbs from 238.7. I don't know where, but that definately motivated me to stay on the course. And of course some of that could be water weight from the day...hahah!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009-Today is the day my coworker Naomi has her baby. I also found out at 7am that "the boss lady" was coming to cover our office. It was abit chaotic this morning, but we made it through. For Breakfast I drank a Lipton Diet Green Tea and my oatmeal. For morning snack, I ate some grapes. Lunch: 2 grilled wings from KFC, drank water. Afternoon snack I had my nectarine and some grapes. Dinner: half of a taco Bell- grilled steak taco, 3 oz of Cheerios and 3oz of 1% milk and some watermelon. I have not had my fill of H20 today, so I need to jump on that. I weighed myself at the office and the scale 228 lbs, so I am really coming to believe that I have lost roughly 10 lbs. At this rate which I know It will slow down, I really can make a difference in a couple weeks. So excited !!!!

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