Thursday, June 18, 2009

wednesday June 16th

So, I am wondering when the "full of energy" is going to set in because that is definately not the case. Still determined, but fretting about my assessment tomorrow and how I havent lost any more weight. Am weight 227 and evening weight was the same 227. I had a relatively short day and by days end, I was kinda of antsy to get kids and go to the gym. For breakfast I ate Harvest grain breakfast from Ihop 380 ? calories cant remember with egg substitute. Drank water. Fors lunch grabbed a Subway turkey breast sandwich and baked lays 75 calories for 10 chips hahah! and lemonade 5 calories... I wonder how many sugar grams??? I think sandwich is 260 calories? drank water. I went to walmart and bought healthier" snacks for office. I am conscentrating on the sugar content of foods as many will be low calorie and high sugar content. I ate 1/2 of a snackwell 50 calories 7 grams of sugar. Came home. I have been antsy all day and it didnt get any better. Daddy was home early and kinda got excited to go the gym as a family, but daddy was too tired and got upset that I expect soooo much from him. Layed on bed and almost wanted to go to sleep myself. I was moody, sappy and I really dont know why. I literally felt like crying. I am tired and mad for some reason. I want quicker results, eventhough I keep telling myself this is a lifelong change. This time next year I will be 50 lbs lighter. This time next year I will be where I am suppose to be. I was upset that I had to give up all these foods. Got up got kids Mcdonalds and those french fries =really smelt good. Had excellent self control. I wanted chicken breast salad sandwich from Atl Bread co, but was too tired to drive. I did elliptical for about 20 minutes then went to sauna and steam room then went to get kids for pool. Pool family times are until 8pm not good, they are not going to be happy. Left gym went to Ingles and got some healthier food... Only brown bread, still 100 calories per slice for nut or honey grain bread. sugar free jam, corn flakes, sugar free syriup for kids oatmeal pancakes. better choices, better healthy, better living. When did we become so greedy with eating with treating our bodies so bad. I came home tired and ready for bed. Drank some water and went to bed. At least I went to gym.

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