Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday, June 16th- I woke up abit feeling a little guilty about last night, but all in all I did well. ate 5oz of cheerios with skim milk -?100 calories at 7:55am at 9:55am ate a light yoplait 110 calories and a whole grain slice of bread 100calories and a boiled egg 65 calories 4 grams of fat-- for protein.

going to the gym and pool on my am break with kids.

Sunday afternoon, I took a nap and noted that I was anxiously hungry when I woke up-- have not drank or eaten anything at all- its after 12 noon, that is not good... House is clean though. Some sacrifice lol. Went to taco mac wanted some BEEF, Cut my Blue cheese cheeseburger in half and ate it with only the thin bottom bun. ???250 calories, drank water and passed on the onion rings big, big , big sacrifice... ate 2 small onion rings, tasted and moved on. No mayo, no mustard, no ketchup.

I was invited to go to chastain park for a concert with my Dr. boss and was unsure how much food was it all about. I was crazy for some bread and ran to Ingles to get some wheat bread. I bought 12 grain bread Earthgrain Honey wheat berry bread which is 100 calories a slice and ate 2 which I am not proud of. I spread about 1 teaspoon of Fat free Philadelphia creme cheese spread- 15 calories 2 carbs. 0% fat.

At Chastain, I ate about 10 shrimp with some sauce, not mayo or sour creme but white sauce with veggies, ate 1/2 of a taquito which I am sure was 70 calories or so, and about 4 oz of a Heineken just for ambience LOL! Drank 1/2 of a coke zero. and ate 2 club crackers with cheese. But hard my cardio workout with how much dancing, clapping, and goofing off we did. Great time. Approx. 500 calories or more. I did notice that I enjoyed the shrimp so much I was kind of obsessed with the idea of eating more. I did eat one sushi rice roll with wasabi sauce and a dash of soy sauce.

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