Thursday, June 18, 2009

tuesday june 15th

I am tired and sleepy eventhough I was in bed by 9;30am. I ate 180 calorie organic oatmeal, whew, not very appetizing. I also ate a banana which was abit to ripe so breakfast was a bust... not happy. for lunch I ate 6 in sub from subway with turkey and american cheese 260 calories i believe and 3 g of fat water. For dinner I ate a slice of little caesar pizza which is 250 calories I googled it! Ouch did I feel guilty. drank water and went to gym. Got a whey protein drink which I definately for the last time realized I really don't like that taste the kids drank it. It was strawberry banana and I really don't like that taste no matter how many yummy things you combine with it. went to bed tired and okay. Kids ate gym food which was good, healthy and relatively cheap. $4.50 for a sandwich only baked lays guys, gaby didnt really like but its better than saturated fat. and a juice box apple.

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