Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday, June 28th

Its Ryans' arrival day, Woooo Hoooo!!!!!! I woke up and started cleaning house. Washing clothes etc. Trey went to Home Depot by himself as I am more of a help here cleaning and organizing then just driving with him. My calculations were pretty accurate and Tremayne decided to make the first load with the tile due to the amount that was left. I cleaned the house. Ate cereal my usual quick morning food with the granola mix. nervous and slowly growing impatient with all that has to be done. But its coming along good. Tremayne left and Brandon and I checked the remainding tile and followed close behind, 2nd trip for the wood floors and the slate stone parquet floors for the rooms including train room and my office. Hungry but too busy to eat, on way out got MCD for kids and a grilled chicken sandwich I should of known better with the size of the chicken on the "whole honey wheat roll" it was 420 calories and 10 g of fat. Unbelievable. Probably, more than I have eaten in a awhile in one sitting. Ran to Austell and back and terrifically tired and no gym again. Ugh! We ate delrio again and she got my order wrong so gave me a carne asada plate. Ate two tacos with corn tortillas and some black beans.

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