Thursday, June 11, 2009

its thursday, june 11th. I woke up tired, really tired. But on my continued high of feeling better, lighter, happier, and more in control. I am hungry. I ate a light yogurt 80 calories and about 4oz of cheerios and skim milk. maybe 110 calories. Its 10:00am oh goody let me eat my 45 calories of mini rice cakes. Feel very motivated to work out today, and by that I mean hitting the threadmill. post my progress for today later alligator... Make it a great day!!!!
morning weight 226.2 this kinda of a gross detail but I must include it, since the first day I have cut out the Coca cola and bad foods I have noticed my kidneys have doing a much better job if you catch my drift... my poor kidneys I abused you for 9 years.

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