Wednesday, June 24, 2009

wednesday, june 24th

and I can feel my body revamping itself I amsore from the upper arm and body exercises from 2 days ago. Can wait to get back to the gym today...I am tired.. we all know that and I know the reason not enough calories.... I am really going to vamp it up tomorrow. I packed yogurt and rice cakes and water... no time in a hurry 10 minutes late... Was hungry and ready to eat. Diana brought boiled eggs... I eagerly grabbed one and ate my yogurt. Didnt have anything else to munch on ...eggggggg;hhhhh!!! I want food. Lunch was brought in by Pickron a heavy brisket drinched in sauce and mac and cheese and green beans and strawberry shortcake dessert... OKAY !!! I ran to KFC and got my 2 protein filled grilled chicken and a water and a side salad, no time to eat...ate the chicken and continued a very busy day.... willl it ever end...?
While concluding my day at around 5:15pm ate about 3 rice cakes... came home ate a white peach yum and cut up my salad for tomorrow. Ate watermelon.

made myself a 1/4 size whole wheat tortilla and egg beaters and sprinkled some WEIGHT watchers cheese 70 calories 4 g fat... no carbs? 50 + 20 + 50= 120 calories before gym... some protein in eggs.

Went to gym stairmaster 10 minutes I am sore...106 calories and precor 45 minutes 406 calories and some abs, hip abductor, arms, back, and leg machine. 8pm to 10pm

came home at 10 updated blog and goodnight!!!

OMG almost forgot.... patients mom came in was over 300 lbs... last time i saw her last year lost 174 lbs.... inspiring real life story... 1 year -- 6months nothing but protein, fruits, and vegetables and 6 months with a trainer.

Looks awesome!!!!!!!

great real story, it can happen, she said the same thing I have been saying all along... "no magic pill, you gotta do the work"

Sweat it baby!!! I am really playing hard.. Dedicated, determined, and focused

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