Thursday, June 25, 2009

thursday, June 25th

I wake up tired, yes I know I am always tired and my muscles hurt. Maybe thats it.... Just unusued muscles that lay dorment for so long have awaken and reminded me that- Oh yeah! there are biceps and triceps and latis... dorsi and this and that... you get the picture. Ouch !!! By the way.. am weight was 222.4 (238.7) starting weight June 1st, challenge began for me June 4th.... I have come to some realizations this week... If you lose 15lbs and you are 60 + overweight you are still going to be 45+ lbs overweight... You are still overweight and its not going to look pretty. You expect more you, realize now you have a higher expectation of yourself. I am content with the determination part of this whole challenge and am vested in 100%. I wonder about others. I have been there! The whole blah situation, later, next time, tomorrow... one day... For me its every second, every moment, a choice, a challenge....

Its hard. Sometimes it honestly brings me to tears.... thinking how hard this is!!! Really hard. You sacrifice, you make choices of not eating those fatty foods, those foods that smell and taste so good. Its hard, its difficult, its tempting. I can look at them and decide. I am so amazed at my determination... So proud of myself and what is yet to come.

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