Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday, June 22nd

woke up today energized, happy, and determined

made 1 serving 70 calories of egg beaters option... cheese, and low carb whole wheat tortilla... I feel hot like if I was exercising...

Read an excellent article about jump starting your day at the gym... TOMORROW thats me at 5am-- you burn more fat by exercising early and start your day right. I use to think that was just an exaggerated approach from many, now I know the reason. Two workout a day really boot it up. I heard from an unknown source, someone I didnt even know who congratulated me over the phone as I called into the office in regards to a patient. She said "congratulations on your 14 lbs weight loss..., they were talking about you in huddle ". That was the most encouraging news yet. Of course I cant see it or the ones closest to me. But I'm working on it! soon-- like my brother Carlos says after the 20 lbs mark.

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