Thursday, June 25, 2009

where is the weightloss I dont see ???

this is the statement I keep telling myself...I do notice it in the oddest place... My shoulders, literally in the fat that held my head to my shoulder. I know you are laughing but its true like the humps are that big. I know it may be weird or physcho but I think it is where I have seen it most I dont feel like a 250lbs football player. I can see some little muscle trying to peak on my arms as I do the precor machine and the love handles and back handles... can you catch my drift... in the middrift area.. okay that was lame. But honestly. I weigh myself and realize 238.7 to 222 is a big difference. I still ahve so much to go but on the right path. I find myself looking at the clock today to see when can I eat again. I guess when you have fat all over your body in bulges and bumps and thats not what people see in you everyday, as you start losing that, who is going to notice but the ones who see you unrobed... I want all these bumps and bulges gone.

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