Sunday, May 15, 2011

day 4 on day 10 but its all good, I'm back !!!!!

okay, so it really should be my day 10, but i kinda got sidetracked so I am trying to catch up literally in all aspects of the word.  Food, fitness, fuel and and fudge I'mma feel it tomorrow.  I had a great morning of Spin at 11 to 12 and Power from 12 to 1 and ate a good egg whites and spinach breakfast adn some grainy bread with organic peanut butter which I really liked.  Its about 7:30pm and my legs are starting to remind me that I have not done that many lunges in a while.  I was looking forward to picking up a barbell but I forgot that it included lunges, and squats. Yikes! 

I have planned to my 5:45am spin and must keep to it since I will be missing out my evening classes with my sons' band concert tomorrow evening.

Wish me well.  I need nourishment now and  need to keep focused because I really want some cake.  with frosting. yeah!


  1. Yeah, girl!! I love the new blog and your determination :) You are, always, an inspiration.

  2. thanks so much! trying to get back on track!!!!