Sunday, May 8, 2011

day 3- smooth sailing

okay let me not be cauky because tomorrow I might be hurting to tear down a taco mac blue cheese burger and wings.  LOL! Well my 48 hours quest on liquid diet (protein shakes and H20) has gone amazingly well.  I definately believe its all in the mindset.  I made a small goal and just believed I could accomplish it and I have.  I have a lean pork loin and some lentejas on the crock pot going for tomorrow.  I can't wait. 

But as far as this weekend goes, it has been scaringly- if such word exists, easy.  I am not sure why I choose this weekend as I had my cousin's GSU graduation party to attend, but I did it.  I drank 2 bottled waters or maybe it was 3.  But I did it. Two things happened yesterday, one I overcame my fear of seeing many people who hadnt seen in a couple months (fortunately for me, it was after dark on a candle lit table setting) and number 2: I didn't collapse at the temptation of a catered dinner which looked and smelled divine.  OKAY: NUMBER 3: i just thought of the delish cake that was homemade. I did take a 3 hour nap yesterday which I am sure due to the lack of solid foods. 

I did a morning run of 4.5 miles at Little Mulberry Park and felt it today at round 2 with the hubster.  We ran intervals run/ walk at every .10 of a mile today.  I have to admit I forgot how long Protein shakes can hold you. 

I am very proud of my small goal.  I will begin weighing myself and report accordingly.   :0)

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