Saturday, May 7, 2011

road to recovery day 2

i woke up promptly with a sense of direction and purpose.  It is 9:36 a.m. and my bed is made, my room is tidy, the dog has been fed and basking in the morning heat.  The first load of laundry and dishes are going.  Eventhough, I had enough time to get to my 9am spin or step class, I am choosing to go run/walk at Little Mulberry Park.  I feel a sense of relief of guilt and a newfound purpose.  I just need to do this.  The AGAIN part is irrelevant today.  I choose the park because it has always been a companion to my innermost thoughts and confessions.

It seems like it will be a substantially hot day and I am starting early enough to get many tasks accomplished.  The first... my workout.  Then my diet, followed by my domestic duties and finally my employment duties which have been comprised by technical issues since Thursday.

I love myself today. I will enjoy my cousins' day of graduation from Georgia State and family party, despite my fears and self accusations.

Enjoy your day! day 2

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