Wednesday, February 2, 2011

row numero dos

Spin was interesting today. I got to SPIN class a couple minutes late and had the entire second row of spin bikes waiting just for me.  Oh wow, lucky me! NOT!  Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with this row and some of the most faithful gym rats sit there in front of me week in week out, but I really should of gotten here earlier.  After shuffling to adjust the seat, the height, the handlebar, the tension, as if this alone did not make me feel self-conscience, when suddenly I realize that immediately behind me row number 3 is fully occupied. If you ever want to undoubtly step it up a notch-- sit closer to the front.  I does something to you, it pushes you.  One: because your ass is on full display. literally ! Cycle classes are extremely revealing, the postures and climbs make for the veracity of the statement less is better and I mean in the size of your backside not the underwear you're wearing. Unfortunately, you tend to know your class members by their backside more than their faces.(pretty sad, but true, LOL!)  Second: naturally the stationary method of this class makes you feel like you are in the lead throughout and have the others behind you. I can honestly say my cadence was just abit faster and stronger today.  I  ussually sit in row 3 or 4, but today my castigation and benediction came in row numero dos.  Lets do this and if your going to do this, do it well

It was intense as is every SPIN class I attend several times a week.  You must come to terms that you have definately lost some marbles upstairs to willingly sit through 45 minutes of physical torture.  But is it worth it? Well I started with Spin to rebut someone's FB comment of burning 700 calories.  I said what the heck am I going to sit on a boring threadmill when I can have double or triple the results in half or third of the time. I have been hooked ever since. 

Today was no different, but I will admit that I pushed a little harder and rode a little stronger than I have in awhile feeling i had all my fellow spinners right behind me, literally.  Finished class, checked my HR and yep! I SPINNED today! As I approach the communal spray and papertowel clean up area, a newbie asks me, (one of the row 3 crew),  "how long have you been doing this?".  This simple question made it all the more real, that when you are committed you play harder and not only you will feel it but others will notice.  This will inspire you as you inspire others.  As you lead by example, you will recharge your commitment.  You never know who is watching.  You never know who will use you as their inspiration.  So be your best.  She said, " I was looking at you and saying to myself, I can do this".  I told her, "just as I was looking at the ones infront of me and thinking the same". I congratulated her for sticking throughout the whole class because after sticking with spin you have earned the right to gloat that you are so far above the passive threadmillers who uneventfully shared the last hour with you, but not experience.

Her friend inquired about calorie comsumption and other details that I was more than happy to oblige. I conjured up my simplest explanations of the only fail proof method I know that works, the EAT CLEAN DIET (Tosca Reno) and consistency with exercise.  Our conversation continued and I hope to see them again.  Its funny how something so simple as a question, has me in high expectation of my next encounter with this stranger and how this unknowingly obligates me emotionally and physically to stay committed- to the next spin class, to the next time I face those ho ho's in the pantry, and to BEING THE BEST I CAN BE. Committed? you betcha. thanks stranger from row 3.


  1. Great job Rocky! I will have to try spinning again this summer. Last year I tried and almost died Lol... and my butt was numb for days! Great post!

  2. SPIN is all about posture, positions, and cadence. You MUST sit all the way back on the seat. The first few times i did it, all i could think was if I have enough cushion on my ass, why the heck does this hurt so much? My butt was sorer than my legs. But it takes time to learn the adjustments. Get to class early and ask the instructor to show you the best adjustment and height for you seat, the handlebars, etc. You will soon find your most comfortable position. You also must learn posture, if not you will end up with a sore neck and back. Push the pedals with your legs not your back, if your bouncing around, you will be in pain. ITS ALL LEGS. Then breathing and endurance will follow. Remember just go your own PACE at the beginning. I couldnt climb and ramp at first, but I refused to walk out of the class. All i said to myself was "JUST FINISH, JUST FINISH, stay with it". Its an awesome class and I recommend it to everyone. Not many can do it, though-- and this simple fact makes me love it more. If you can do it. You have earned boasting rights ! Give it a second go round!