Tuesday, February 1, 2011

choices: coffee or green tea

I enjoyed my day.  My day in full control of my thoughts, actions, and choices.  I was well aware that I could of picked up that sausage biscuit from Burger King just a couple yards away.  It would go really well with my two boiled eggs, but i chose to sick to my plan and eat my low sugar oatmeal and my 2 boiled eggs.  I made a choice this afternoon too, or was it my coworker who simply said, "so just get rid of the cup of coffee and drink your tea".  It was just that simple, a simple choice and I did. I was mentioning to her that I USE TO love my afternoon cup of tea with a granola bar. It was a choice and I enjoyed the power to make the choice. I stood up and did just that poured out my cup of coffee and made me a cup of hot tea which I enjoyed with a LIFE bar, 150 cal of sweet delight.  I felt energized and powerful.  I am still on the POWER KICK, can you tell?. Yes, its still about the power. Maybe later it will be about something else, but for today its about the power.

The whole notion of  exuding confidence, attracts me.  The constant cheering you silently hear in your head when you make good choices, when you beat your PR mile, when you made it through STEP class with 2 risers and didn't die.  Eventhough, you really wanted to.  I literally wanted to sit down and cry today.  I literally felt fear that my heart was beating just a tad too quick so shortly after a 4 month lethargy. I literally felt pain in my right knee and butt the whole while, I was reciting, "never give up" to myself hoping noone could here me.  I literally was ashamed to take off my hoodie and expose my sweat drenched t-shirt that was mostly like embarresingly hugging my fuller midsection than the last time I was in this class.  I literally wanted to just leave.  But did not.

The notion of failure or giving up, of sitting it out just DOES NOT attract me.  A challenge is my push, its my motivation, its my inner voice saying- "you can do this".  I have a friend who use NOOC to motivate himself and others and is quite fitting.  NOOC stands for No obstacles, only challenges.  This is how you must face everything. Don't let the hardship, the situations of life deter you to be your best to accomplish your goals, to do ANYTHING YOU DREAM YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH.  Set small goals and accomplish them. Then set more and accomplish them. 

You have two choices in life.  Push or sit it out.  Which one will you do?  Its ONLY UP TO YOU.  I realize I was getting comfortable with saying I USE TO. Well that ends today.  Its NOT what I use to do, but I am doing NOW that counts.  PERIOD.

I have my gym bag ready and my lunchbox packed for tomorrow.  Tomorrow will also be about good choices.  Keep your chin up.  Just do it! Make good choices. :)

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