Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm tired

I'm tired. Yep! I'm tired. Not because the week has been longer than usual, no, work has been about the same if not a bit slower.  The kids have been good, survived early release. The abode has seemingly kept organized and clean this week.(thanks honey).  So why am I so tired? The culprit: Exercise. I don't care what you've heard, what you've read.  If you exercise regularly....(at the beginning) you are just plain and honestly just TIRED. I feel that good old-fashioned exhaustion that controlled my post gym hunger pangs. All I want is a shower and my bed. I have been on steady routine for days of alternating SPIN and STEP and I am Pooped.  That burst of energy and the renewed energizing feeling you get.... well its not happening just yet.  I don't know if it was ever energy, but more attitude thing .I remember sharing this very similar story with a man a couple months ago at lunchtime in a  SUBWAY.  We were sharing our stories of losing weight and eating better and he said it plainly.... "its BS, I'm not energized, I'm exhausted".

I am just plain worn out today and unfortunately right now at 11:35pm I am honestly feeling quite hungry. If I could conjure up the strength I would grab a bowl of cereal or something, but my mind is telling me that its just too much effort.

I had planned on doing a 5:45am spin class, but who am I kidding.  The 6pm will have to do tomorrow. My next goal is to start back up with KICK class and get two in for next.  Besides being tired, today has been quite uneventful. Tune in tomorrow for a real post. sorry got to get some sleep...and rest....

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