Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wednesday, July 1st.

Its July, excited and pumped for phase II. I really need to get pumped for the next 10 days. I am looking to get a target outfit for the weighin and staff meeting on July 10th. I want to look different. my face looks the same to me. ugh. I plan to cut some of my hair and do my usual color or something havent decided.... Scared too, but a must. I woke up hungry and went to burger king. They have a breakfast wrap... Sans the drippy cheese and bacon and hashbrown.... just tortilla and scrambled egg. ate a banana, water. For lunch zaxby boneless 5 piece wings which are were about an inch long and more than just a bite size... lol! water. For snack- Ate my cinnamon rice cakes and drank a smart water. Came home and went to kroger. Making spaghetti meal for kids. Whole wheat pasta, lite sauce. My stomach did not like.. immediately felt full and bloated with this taste... most likely the sauce is the culprit.

Was set on going to the gym. Talked to naomi baby stuff and weightloss for over an hour and then went to gym from 9pm to 10:45am.... stairmaster 107 c in 10 minutes and precor elliptical 306 c for 30 minutes....... 40 minutes--- then did some abdominal exercises.. MUST DO that over and over.. LOL!!! then came home. Drank h2O at gym. Have to work hard these next few days.

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