Thursday, July 2, 2009

thursday, july 2nd

i realize i am really tired today and woke up begrudigly to work ... at least its from home today. i am at 221 am weight and excited to get july underway to more weight loss and healthy choices. i woke up and boiled an egg and whitewheat toast for breakfast. Had alot to accomplish today as I wanted to jump ahead because hometeam will be down a person on tuesday and wanted to confirm as much as possible. I am hungry today and really would like to eat more but must remained focused and steadfast on my options. I cant remember what else I ate besides another slice of white wheat bread with some spaghetti on it maybe a scoop ful. I took the kids to the mall and got them wendys and went to a couple more stores down on 316. I tried on a couple shirts and like one in particular a blue on. I am really wanting to have a new outfit by my staff meeting and looking at what looks best on me. I loved the dark "caribe' colored shirt. I am dark with my tan and dont what the coral or yellow although I have been wanting a bright yellow shirt for some time. I think I need to stick with the blues and green I do better in those colors. I am down to size 16 pant size and able to button buttons on shirts and wears long shorts today. I took some pics and will post. I am tired and hungry what is new? At taRGET i WAS Parched and realized I have not drank too much water today. Drank a Fuze which I am purchasing a couple more for the next couple days. THey are 2 serving per bottle 16oz only 20 calories 5 sodium and 2 carbs and only 1 sugar how much better can you get. I really likey. Muc h better than the vitamin waters with 13 or 15 sugars.

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