Thursday, July 2, 2009

tuesday, june 30th, 2009

in the office I arrive extra early because I do not know what the day will bring. I eat corn flakes with nut mix and skim milk. for snack I have my raisins... wow 17 carbs in a little pack.... Diana c. had some watermelon which I took when offered. I love watermelon. Fruits are interesting to me all the carbs and what they are good for etc. For lunch I had 2 pieces of grilled chicken from KFC. Came home late and kids were restless. Picked them up and Marshalls' boys had MCDOnalds and gaby and I went shopping. Found a cute sundress which I have in my arsenal for next year, hopefully sooner and a bright fuschia workout shirt for 7.00 bucks. I am not yet at a large, but working on a size smaller already. I can tell. I am working hard at not being discouraged and continuing my endeavors which is not an option. Felt bummed out didnt go to gym, havent got our schedule worked out yet with Ryan being here. Did exercises at home and worked up a sweat. If you stand in the mirror in your interior clothes and move. You will see everything you must work on. I can't believe how hard it is !!!!!!! I caNt remember what I ate for dinner.

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