Saturday, July 4, 2009

friday, july 3rd

So I literrally slept all day. I got up with the kids at 12noon. Wanted to do something atlanta culture... decided to take marta and go downtown. I was amazed I wasn't starving when i woke up. Went to downtown but opted to drive there instead after stopping at Doraville station and no parking was available. Drove to Varsity had a grilled chicken filet with lettuce and tomatoe slice and drank some of the lite lemonade . Went to aTLANTIC STATION and took kids California Pizza kitchen the kids ate pommodore and pep pizza, and some focaccia onion cheese bread for appetizer with marinara. Drank water with lemon and I ate some tortilla baked baja chicken wraps. I felt really guilty and concerned about this. I came home and went to gym late. drank a fuze. Ryan enjoyed California pizza kitchen and ordered a Roy Rogers. My eccentric and original child.

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