Sunday, February 24, 2013

So I actually kept my word or my hubby made me keep my wot of going to spin class today. I found my old reliable Nike super stretchy pants and my long, over my butt tee shirt and I pulled out my diadora spin shoes. All I can say is..."it's gonna hurt tomorrow". The instructor was Sarah, I've known from class for years and after class we shared sentiments that were what I needed to hear and verbiage that was so familiar to me that I felt a renewed sense of security. I noticed that on the floor I feel lost, guilt ridden, ashamed if how I look and feel to exposed. In spin class I feel comfortable, like I know my strength and challenge myself to prove it. It's like I don't care who I sit in front of, I think...yeah you think I am a fatty but I can do just as well or as best as the elite members in class. I am strong, I am me, I am not vulnerable, outside without the safety of class, out of the safety of those that know my journey I feel ashamed. But in class, I am a rock star and that's what I need to feel to get me started again.

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