Saturday, September 26, 2009

so its saturday September 26,2009

i skipped the gym yesterday after work and went over to visit my mom. I really liked her scale as it read 187.7.... nice... when i went home mine read the same 187. I am finally... finally in the 180... trying to get to 185 by october 2nd staff meeting I want to wear that dres... and BREATHE... i continously keep seeing the changes in my body and am content with the efort although i wish the results were quicker and more pronounced. but am happy with the dedication i have endured and determined to keep. its a daily struggle some days easier some days harder. I pretty much have a routine and can keep with it. I encorporated more and more foods to my diet daily and keep a balanced view on foods and exercise with a touch of obsession that keeps me motivated. I like to push myself when I see a young person running the threadmill and increase and decrease my speeds in intervals. I am doing circuit training and alternating with exercises at home with the P90X. Kempo is awesome and going to start with the Plyo now. Ab ripper X is just that... an ripper OMG. i love seeing the support I am getting from the kids and hubby. Tremayne has started going to the gym with ne and is motivated. Today he asked when the next peachtree Road Race and that is our goal for next year. I have kept up my reading and researching about foods and diet and exercises. I am loving the progress. I believe I believe!!! Food and nutrition is essential to having success. You cant eat crap and expect good results...its not going to happen. Balance and obsession or is dedication... you have to be dedicated, determined focus.. You have to DECIDE. COMMIT... SUCCEED. I LIKE THE p90x program and will start today with Nancy. I am amazed at how many approach me for information and thoughts on foods and nutrition. I realy love these books with this awesome information.

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