Saturday, July 11, 2009

its saturday almost 4 pm and nothing has been started on the floors in the living room yet... this is so starting to annoy me. I feel helpless when I can do so much by myself but depend on someone to do something that I do not know how to... anyways it will come along perfectly but its trying my patience.

I got up with tremayne early on a saturday am to go to the dmw for his motorcycle driving license exam and some breakfast withOUT THE kids. they still are going to sleep like at 5 or 6 am and coming out of hybernation around 2pm in the afternoon.... unfortunately true to the practice of waking up verociously hungry. Great feeding 4 teenagers.

It was 9am and I still have not eaten....I am literally nauseous... my body is asking for niutrition...We go to dwarf house on pleasant hill I ordered an omelet with all the vegetables and chicken, when i get my order I have a omelet soaked with cheese and plain.... UGGH ! requested a new one-- wanted my veggies intake... need them. Ordered diet lemonade... I didnt know that chick fil a has it... YUM!

Ate 1/3 of the omelet, the part that was not covered with cheese around 10am? and still at almost 4pm - I am literrally not hungry yet. I have been sipping on the tea since this am and having some lower back pain because of these heel sandals I"m blaming.

I did go to the gym friday evening,, cybex 10min and the wave... I caught the wave... dont think I am doing the motion correctly yet, but will keep trying... 100 on each machine 200 in cardio.. and did some abs... I am really amazed at how the body tells you... oh yeah here are muscles that hvae been dorment and now you want to put them to work...

wake up obliques and abdominal muscles I need you to start working. I am so proud at my progress of 24 lbs an dcounting.. am weight 214. I cant believe it but I still ahve much more to lose if we are looking at 150.... that is still 64 lbs to go. I can do it. Its July 11th and I have 7 seven weeks to go that is 49 days... I can get close but not enough... I will try to get down to 175 lbs by the end of this venture of the office challenge and hopefully by december 09 be down to 135 lbs. I am pretty sure I can do it.

starting weight 238.7 current weight 214.0 lost 24.7 lbs... on july 10th.

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  1. Congratulations, Rocky!! Keep up the good work--you are very inspiring!!