Tuesday, July 28, 2009

its july 28th Monday

So its July 28th and I did NOT do good yesterday, stemming from an acrimonious dismissal of my son back to arizona, I overate and actually endulged in pizza yesterday. Oh lets go back a little further, my husband picked up dinner Little Ceasar's for chris and being upset that I didnt have my phone charged and able to speak to me while I was at the gym for "4 hours". Okay the real story is this. Ryan is mad because I didnt buy him a laptop, Zune, or IPHONE. For real, we got to the airport right on time and I couldnt send his luggage which I promptly mailed a box with all his belongings sans the suitcase. I spoke to tremayne at 8pm on Sunday evening as I dropped Gaby off at Abbys' and headed to gym, he was heading back out to get chris something to eat...Little ceasars, i guess he woke up concerned at some point to realize I was not back from gym yet and it was after 10;30am. he called Jorge and abby inquiring about me... YEP! That is so not my husband. He must of been really concerned, because he called screaming and throwing a fit which I was home by 10:55 from gym, but it was not I repeat not 4 hours... OMG.. anyways, so I worked from home on Monday and yet still tremayne was fuming and not wanting to have a conversation... OH did I mention he took my car... yep the one he pays for and cleans and pays for... yep he took the envoy to work. Anyways, I crept up on the scale yesterday to 208 which I panicked.

Today I am at 207 or so and I am feeling it. I am bloated and cramping and not happy, besides I wore these khaki pants that fit terribly and had to all day feel the baggy sensationation when I walked to back office and back.

Finished the invites for connie and mailed to houston express day.... 26.55 ouch that hurts being that I am charging her only 75.00.

I have to get back to gym... I took off last night and felt guilty. I hope that Tremayne comes home in a better mood and I can actually escape to go to the gym... as he puts it... its not the gym.. its me having my ophone uncharged. which reminds me.... let me charge up the phone. now

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