Saturday, July 18, 2009

i had 1/2 of a blue cheese burger and 3 onion rings. I have waited for this moment for days or weeks actually but we have bee so busy with doing the floors and the gym I have not had a chance. It was we,l worth it due to the taste but after 2 glasses of 16.oz of h20 I am ab out to pop. this is the first time we have gone out as a complete family. I am enjoying this. I am tired and going to run tonight hopefully I can find a lit running track at one of the parks. I am weighing 209 am weight and this afternoon before this yummy food I was at 210... dow n from 238 seems lime a great accomplishment and I should be ecstatic but still the amount left to loose is still so overwhelming that I can only imagine getting there. I kmnow I can and can't wait to fit in a size 10 or 12 at least soon enough. I am ndown to size 16 and counting and feel alot better. I have so much to go but will keep focused as usual.

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