Saturday, December 31, 2011

My first 7+ goals for 2012: in no particular order of importance, just using Zig Ziglar's "wheel of life". 7 spokes (areas) of the wheel 1) career: Cement a permanent, meaningful place within DFC corp. where I use my core values to richly deepen team members appreciation for their employment while providing the best customer service "experience" to parents and most importantly children, our patients. 2) financial: Stay focused and mostly finish our GET OUT OF DEBT plan by December 23, 2012 and eliminate the final nemesis by March 2013. 3) spiritual: to find "my first love" again. Knowing Jehovah God intimately in prayer. Dedication to participate in the public ministry of my beliefs. Establish a weekly schedule to regularly attend all meetings 4) physical: to permanently lose 50 lbs with patience, balance, and good long term habits that include my husband and children in a healthy family lifestyle. To drink 8 cups of water daily. 5) intellectual: to read 1 non fiction book and regularly post to my blog. Make goals to start college at age 42 when we are debt free in 2013. Take a writing course. 6) family: to reestablish my Friday visits with my mom. Make a monthly family goal. Establish a monthly family gathering with my parents and siblings. Visit my sister in Houston on labor day weekend. 7) social: invite all my team members to my house for a luncheon or dinner. Visit my grandma at least once a month. Arrange a "cousins party" for 2012. Establish a semi weekly date night with hubby and intermittently invite friends with us. #Finish year

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  1. I love this post, Rocky! You are a continuing inspiration. Happy New Year to you and your family--I am so happy to be part of it :)

  2. Yes, I love your goals!! :D Happy New Year! :D