Monday, November 29, 2010


I came across a song by Matchbox 20 that I found quite interesting and fitting at this time where I am trying to get back to good.  One verse he says he doesnt know how to get back 2 good... I feel like that at times i feel like I'm and confused and unable to get back to my plight.  I know one thing is that I still have the desire to change things and keep on fighting and because of that I know I can.  I pulled up the last couple episodes of Biggest Loser which I have missed and its all the ammunition I needed.  The feelings, the reality of it all just was so heart wretching real that it pulls me in.  It pulls me to continue to overcome, to keep fighting.  This is not easy, it never has and you must keep reminding yourself of the reason, of the motivation, or the YOU, you want to find.  I am immensly motivated by the strength of the human spirit, the sheer will to survive, overcome and endure.  I am a WARRIOR!!! above all.  Today spin kicked my butt.  I didnt really want to go, i was justifying any reason to get me out of a grueling workout I so desperately needed.  Even Chris told me "wow, mom you havent gone to the gym in a while".  Yeah, I know! i drove in the direction of Golds and as soon as I got to the corner i turned and in my mind was excusing myself with the "mommy syndrome" you know the one that you feel guilty about doing something for yourself instead of the kids, the house, the laundry, the dinner...and I had to literally pull myself out of that and turn the truck around and go to spin class.  It was a perfect day to stay home, cold and wet and my 40 year old right knee was complaining. Yep! It had been a while. 

I am glad i went.  It kicked my butt, but I went and stayed.  No excuses! Keep it up! I love the quote by Bob Harper...."Stand up and Finish what you started!"....

its a daily struggle, but I have to get Back 2 Good, reteach myself what I already know and do it!  As I pedaled I repeated my mantra "Never give up"  "Keep Focused".  I truly needed that today.  I guess I must be happy with my accomplishments and remember its those little steps, those little victories that lead up to the big ones.  Stay focused! Keep the pace and celebrate!

the whole purpose of the mention of this song was in regards to my inner self doubt... and yet right now I can't seem to find the relevance, rather the challenge.  I am going to get BACK 2 GOOD.

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  1. You are def an insipration..this is exactly how I feel right now about my spriritual self..I need to get back to good..THANK YOU! :D