Thursday, March 4, 2010

lentil soup, meigouzi, the gabster jumprope for heart, and asparagus

my lentil soup
 chris and meigouzi
 jumprope for heart- gaby came in first place for all 4th grade - 6minutes total.  She redeemed herself from her 2nd place spot last year.  She has THE focus of an marathoner, the soul of a good friend, the competitive spirit of an athlete. 

She shared with me (secretly and quiet proudly) :  "the best part about it was beating ( __)"  Who sat there smuck as Gaby was getting cheered on by others.  She asked me to remove the post from my facebook where one of her best friends parents would see this because she didnt want her friend to be hurt further for not being able to do more than a minute.  She came home hunting for food-(carbohydrates) like a champion training for tomorrow's marathon.  Gaby has the sheer commitment and dedication that makes me proud.  It  amazes me that she could exhibit these qualities at this early age.  I told her that by the time she is a teenager i could see her doing a marathon. She has already done a 5k.  Girls on the Run- on November 15th 2009.  Go Gaby Go. !!! 

the after grub

and after a race, there is nothing more luxurious than ___ (fill in the blank.... anything is suitable to fall asleep)
  My asparagus... just found a easy recipe on Simply RECIPES.

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