Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The essentials I learned and practice for weightloss! You have to discover P.E.A.C.E. -
P- priority.
E- eat healthy.
A- accountability.
C- consistency.
E- eliminate excuses.
About 2 months ago.
I was asked to do a testimonial before the spin class and knowing how I can drag on and on... I made up this simple method to simplify what I learned to be the most important in this struggle. Keep it simple.
First learn to make yourself a priority. Give yourself, food preparation, and exercise the importance required. Eating: I learned if I was eating alot less- I must INCREASE THE QUALITY. I have a saying: now I eat with quality, not quantity in mind. Smaller, colorful, savory, healthy portions. Accountability: keep a food journal, you can find at barnes and noble (these have great tips and inspirational quotes to keep you focused) or a plain small notebook will suffice. You can track yor daily calorie intake. It is very easy to consume 2000+ calories on a burger, fries, apple pie, and coke @ lunch. Watch out for those lattes and whipped concoctions= sugar and fat.
Probably the most important, I learned was consistency: eat, sleep, exercise regularly. Develop a schedule to prepare your next days food cooler, get to the gym without fail. I remember in my testimonial- I said " I rememeber that when I started the gym, I remember thinking - those skinny bi.... I bet they never had a kid, I bet you they starve themselves, they have a fast metabolism", but what I discovered was that day after day I realized those skinny bi... were there every day regularly, every time i was there, they were there, doing there thing to stay in shape and look good. Drink water everyday. Finally eliminate excuses- eliminate negativity and find every reason to be healthy and live longer for yourself and loved ones. Research information and inspiration from positive people who keep you motivated. Be prepared with a gym bag and a healthy food cooler everyday. PEACE

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