Monday, February 8, 2010

the million $$$ answer to the question..."tremayne, so what do you think about your wife?"

So, the biggest question he has been asked recently has been... "what do you think of your "new and improved wife?"... he tells me on the way home... I don't know if it was appropriate to answer to everyone but all I wanted to say was....

"She lost the weight for her, I just reaped the rewards".

.... yeah that is my husband, honesty to the core
How I feel about my husband... and our 13 years together...

My husband is a quiet, loyal, hardworking man. He thinks before he speaks, is kind hearted and selfless. He has been my comfort in my hardest trials and wisdom in
times of doubt. He has carried me through times of distress and panic and never let me whallow in pity or defeat. He shows his caring and soft side when I need it most. He is my accomplice in our weekly Saturday a.m. gossip sessions in bed and the keeper of secrets of my most vulnerable issues. He keeps our family together firmly with patience, realism, and dedication. For all those things that words cannot describe what you mean to me. I thank you. I give you my love, my admiration, my heart to take care of and my life to share.

Did I mention, he is a quiet man... After dancing one song the whole evening, missing the family picture because of running to walmart to get me a new printer cartridge for my onsite project at the party, standing and observing peacefully in the farthest corner of the room. Doesn't even drink a light beer or groove more than a finger tapping gesture to the irresistible beat of Billie Jean and He says to me on the way home... " that was a great party, that was the best family party I have been too". This cracks me up. Honey, I love you more than you can even imagine.

Happy Early Anniversary-- April 2nd 1997

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