Saturday, January 23, 2010

I was reviewing my PEACE... prerequisites to get into the right frame of mind to lose weight and I realized something interesting- It touches more on the emotional changes that take place during this journey rather than the physical. That is my next subject.

How does exercise play a role in weight loss? If you have watched an episode of the biggest loser show you will observe what seems to be Bob and Jillian pretty much abuse the heck out of the contestants. In reality, it's a two step process- the emotional and physical.

The physical is just brute strength and pain to burn calories and fat. The emotional Is far more complicated and harder. The physical side to weight loss is just repetition and reaction, but the mental force/strength is what needs to be finetuned. That is what pulls you through the pain. That is what makes you stronger. That the mental pull is what takes you through the whole process. I remember literally crying on the threadmill and thinking this is so hard. I will never lose all the weight, and I remember mouthing the words Push and "never give up" when literally I had no strength to continue. The psychological side to this is what really pulls and pushes you to continue. You have to do the work. You have to make the sacrifices. You have to finetune your physical regimen regularly. I have heard it and seen it so many times now, when people ask me..."whats the secret?" and "how did you lose the weight?" and my response is "eating right", they nod their heads but when I say "exercise"... its like... Oh no!.

Its a training process, not only learning the machines, doing the repetitions correctly, being focused and "being there" when you are doing the exercises, but demanding that your body and SPIrit cooperate. I hate when I see the magazines and the people really into the shows on the "theatre screens" or "cardio theatre" screens as the SPINNERS (who are gasping for air by song No.3 in the first 9 minutes of our workout) and the others who have been on the threadmill for what... 30 minutes just strumming along. You have to PUSH, you have demand it from your body.

Once you get "addicted" to the routine, the exercises, the sweat, the PUSH, you will need it. You will seek it. You will return and return and demand more. I have seen the result. Its amazing. I love the definition and changes my body has done. I am 39 years old and I love my body more today than I did 10-15 years ago. I respect it, i take care of it and nourish it properly. I listen to it and rest when needed. The shows like Biggest loser always motivate me to continue. To remind myself of how anything is possible--- by anyone. Imagine if you had 4 hours a day to work out, if you had that knowledge, that experience, that push on your side. I would love to spend one work out with JM or BH. So, take their words, there PUSH with you. Mentally replay your mantra as you go to the gym. Stay focused. It will happen.

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