Sunday, September 6, 2009

i am the biggest loser

its sunday, september 5th and i had an incredible yearning to escape from the kids and the cleaning of the house and reward myself with just alone time with my husband. We spent Friday evening with kids and saturday running around with the kids and their moods and demands. I am exhilarated with my win and my lifestyle change. I had said that Friday I would go and eat a full Taco MAC BLUE CHEESE BURGER, BUT went to subway and ate a turkey sandwich.

I am in a size 12 and just humbled by this experience and the change. I was moved this morning when i weeding out yet some more large clothes from my closet. I couldnt believe the size of these 18/20 pants that I wore. It takes me to tears, it really does because i cant believe i really made this change....

and all I can hear in my mind right now... is the "I am not leaving song" when curtis tells Effie... all you can do is think about you and this change with you... only thinking of you....... and I am telling you........ I am not going BACK....

I only recently heard those discouraging thoughts of others........ and oh she is going to gain it back... I dont knwo why i thought that... but its like i was nervous. This is my life now.

I still yearn the good food, healthy food and its not about being skinny but healthy. Good choices.

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